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Women's March links DC, Seneca Falls & CNY, While Right-to-Life March Blocks Away

An estimated 2000 people, gathered at the Federal building in Syracuse the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president. That was just one way residents protested the new President and some of his policy proposals.


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Elana Sukert/WAER News

An estimated 2000 people, gathered at the Federal building in Syracuse the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president.  That was just one way residents protested the new President and some of his policy proposals. 

Earlier in the day hundreds boarded buses in Dewitt and elsewhere around Syracuse to head to Washington for the Women's March there.  The Bishop Harrison Center drew hundreds for a separate event that ...

Scott Willis / WAER News

Just as Donald Trump was taking the oath of office Friday, about a dozen people with Syracuse Cultural Workers held large letters off the edge of the Spencer Street bridge over I-81 that spelled out the hashtag “Not our President.”    Most motorists seemed to honk in the affirmative, and gave a thumbs up.  A few gave angry honks accompanied by an extended middle finger.  Max from Oswego says they’re trying to reach the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump.

Gov. Cuomo's flickr page

One of the governor’s signature economic development programs is being downsized in Cuomo’s new state budget. Start Up New York is being rebranded, as other economic development projects have suffered setbacks.

The Start Up New York program which offered ten years of freedom from income , business and other taxes to companies that want to begin a business on a college campus,  was initially a centerpiece of Governor Cuomo’s big plans for more jobs in upstate New York.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Two buses with very different groups of passengers are traveling overnight from Syracuse to Washington DC for Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump.  Both supporters and protesters want to make a statement.  Randy potter admits, even as the CNY for Trump director, he had occasional doubts about whether he’d be witnessing his candidate take the oath of office. 

"I did kind of have a feeling about this," Potter said.  "I had a good feeling.  The gleam was there, the hope was there."

Potter was on a bus of about 43 other supporters going to DC

Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Several Central New York health, labor and civic groups joined Mayor Stephanie Miner Thursday to warn against a huge interruption of health care.  They want to make sure before congress repeals the Affordable Care Act, there’s a replacement in place.  A big part of their message is that many things are impacted if people lose insurance.  Miner highlights some of the concerns she’s heard.

If you think that you wouldn't be touched by a Republican overhaul of Obamacare because you get health insurance through your job at a big company, think again.

Several of the law's provisions apply to plans offered by large employers, too (with some exceptions for plans that were in place before the law passed in March 2010).

The New York State Canal System, which includes the Erie Canalway, received the honorary designation Wednesday as a National Historic Landmark.  The distinction is expected to build upon its successes for the tourism industry in Upstate New York.   At the announcement in Syracuse, State Canal Corporation Director Brian Stratton explains how the more prominent status could also lead to new investments. 

Scott Willis / WAER News

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud delivered his winter message late Tuesday afternoon in an effort to prepare the SU community for the months and years ahead.  He devoted a portion of his remarks to the uncertainty surrounding immigration policies under what he called "the new national administration."  Syverud says back in mid-November, the university signed on in support of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as DACA.

The stories of Syracuse veterans’ struggles going through – and transitioning out of – the military will take to the stage Wednesday Night.  Syracuse Stage will borrow from a past play to present an intimate portrayal of unseen aspects of life after service.

Scott Willis / WAER News

The Greater Syracuse Land Bank marked a milestone just in time for its annual meeting Tuesday.  The organization closed on its 400th sale last week to a city employee who’s promised to live there for five years.  Land Bank Executive Director Katelyn Wright says the home is on Oakley Drive in the Valley section…

"In this case, it's a young man,  and  it's going to be his first home," Wright said.  "He put in an offer through our Home Ownership Choice program.  His dad owns a construction business, so he'll have lots of help with the renovations that are needed."


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