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Bridget McAllister / WAER News

(Almost) Total Solar Eclipse in CNY Fascinates Hundreds on SU Quad

Though not directly in its path, Central New York was abuzz Monday afternoon over the first total solar eclipse to cross the U.S. since 1979. Hundreds of Syracuse residents gathered on Syracuse University campus for an Eclipse Party, hosted by the university’s physics department, sharing safety glasses and telescopes to catch a glimpse of the moon’s shadow. Thrilled spectators found that communities often band together to share such unusual celestial experiences. "It's so exciting!" "I'm...

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Updated at 4:53 p.m. ET

A small number of right-wing "Free Speech Rally" demonstrators disbanded early from Boston Common after they were confronted by thousands of counterprotesters shouting anti-Nazi and anti-KKK slogans.

Deborah Becker, a reporter with member station WBUR in Boston, said that "a few dozen" rally attendees were escorted from Parkman Bandstand by police and placed into police vehicles "for their own safety."

Before any hard battle, it's common to seek a little spiritual guidance.

In preparation for the coming fight this fall to overhaul the entire federal tax code, a group of House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee traveled this week to Rancho del Cielo — the ranch of former President Ronald Reagan, outside Santa Barbara, Calif.

The ranch is where Reagan signed one of his major tax cuts into law, and the GOP is working this month to capture some of that Reagan-era magic to deliver a modern tax bill of its own.

Fred Espenak / NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Central New Yorkers will be joining others from across the state and country Monday to catch a glimpse of a total solar eclipse.  Science shows the rare celestial event is part coincidence, but it was often misunderstood in ancient times.

Imagine you lived thousands of years ago, knew nothing of the planets and solar system, and the sun suddenly disappeared for a few minutes.  Cornell Astronomy Professor Phil Nicholson says it would be a surprise.

Bridget McAllister / WAER News

The tradition of progress and equality in Central New York is providing guidance in a dark moment gripping our nation.  Syracuse University’s Bird Library Friday hosted an impromptu showcase of rare documents, photographs, and other materials celebrating the work of activists and revolutionaries like Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi.  While library exhibits usually take a year to prepare, Special Collections Research Senior Director Lucy Mulroney says recent events caused staff to organize the showcase in only a day.

The New York State Fair is fast approaching and fairgoers have a lot to look forward to.  With only six days left until the fair begins, many are unsure of what to expect now that the first phase of renovations has wrapped up.  Acting State Fair Director Troy Waffner was the guest speaker at today’s FOCUS Greater Syracuse forum.  He discussed attractions and features that attendees will notice during the fair’s 13-day run.

Updated at 3:50 p.m. ET

Susan Bro, the mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer, says she will not speak to President Trump because of his comments that suggested white supremacists and people protesting against them were both to blame for last weekend's violence in Virginia.

It was the year 2000 and Maine's governor at the time, Angus King, was excited about the Internet. The World Wide Web was still relatively young but King wanted every student in the state to have access to it.

"Go into history class and the teacher says, 'Open your computer. We're going to go to and we're going to watch an archaeologist explore the Catacombs this morning in real time.' What a learning tool that is!"

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, was an early supporter of President Trump and often praises him. But he says he has not heard directly from Trump since the president said he was seriously considering pardoning Arpaio on a recent conviction for criminal contempt of court.


This week on Science on the Radio, Dr Marvin Druger takes a dip into the world of Dolphins. Largely regarded as one of the smartest marine mammals in the world, Dr Druger will examine the unique way that Dolphins communicate.  We'll also examine the Dolphin family tree, letting you know what other animals they're related to and which is the most popular dolphin. That's all coming up this week on Science on the Radio

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Dozens of vendors will be on hand Friday evening at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo showcasing cuisine and art from a number of continents.  The Arts and Culture Festival is an effort to bridge cultural gaps and promote the area’s diversity.

While the festival was planned long before the violence in Charlottesville, founder and executive director of Believe in Syracuse John DeSantis says the celebration comes at a perfect time.