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  Many musicians in Central New York grew up on Beatles music and might well have been influenced by it.  Some of them are remembering the group’s long-time producer George Martin who passed away Tuesday. 

The song yesterday might point out one of George Martin’s most significant contributions to popular music.

Manny Scott's Inspirational Story Touches Syracuse Schools

Feb 25, 2016
Anjani Iman / WAER News

Manny Scott—author, motivational speaker and pilot—speaks at the Syracuse City School District development center for teachers all over Syracuse. Scott says his journey from being a high school dropout with a broken home in the streets of Long Beach, California to earning two degrees and a PhD began with his teachers.

“I didn’t know how to study, I didn’t know how to comprehend what I was reading,” Scott said. “I didn’t have the basic disciplines of going to bed at night and getting up early. So I had to break so many bad habits.”

Scott Willis / WAER News

  Most Central New Yorkers know about the Jerry Rescue, where a group of Syracuse abolitionists freed  fugitive slave William "Jerry" Henry from jail and snuck him to Canada.  But chances are most don’t know the story behind Enoch Reed, one of the men who helped rescue Jerry in 1851.

Onondaga Historical Association Curator of History Dennis Connors says to understand the significance of the Jerry Rescue is to understand that those involved were committing a serious act of civil disobedience.

  Syracuse Stage has an unfortunate note of nostalgia added to its production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” that opens this week.  The passing of Harper Lee who wrote the novel has caused some reflection on the story and its characters.

Scott Willis / WAER News

A Syracuse University scholar in the area of civil unrest among African Americans sees some similarities…and differences in protests from the civil rights era to the present.  In this next installment celebrating black history month, WAER News looks at the issues that lead to unrest, and if they’re being addressed.

Zhiyan Zhong/WAER news

  The Palace Theater was filled with some renowned musicians this morning as a preview of what’s ahead next month at the 2016 SAMMY Awards.

The SAMMY’s… also known as the Syracuse Area Music Awards isn’t a complete acronym but, Director Liz Nowak says it’s as close to the Grammy’s as they could get.  The committee’s mailbox was stuffed full with 118 submissions recorded in 20-15, the most ever.

  Many of us will indulge this holiday at the dinner table, maybe the dessert tray, the office party or the bar.  But you might not realize overdoing it is actually posing a health risk.  Saint Joseph’s Hospital Interventional Cardiologist Doctor Michael Fischi says a flood of calories, carbohydrates and other things in a big holiday meal or party can lead to emergencies – especially for people with underlying health issues.

Scott Willis / WAER News

A Syracuse artist is offering to support Symphoria in a unique way…by raffling off a piece of his stained glass art at  Friday night’s first holiday pops concert.  Here's the story of a former computer programmer and professor turned full-time artist who also appreciates classical music.

Robert Oddy came to Syracuse from England in 1981 to teach at S.U.  Sixteen years later, he decided to leave the university and pursue stained glass art full-time.  And he’s been doing it ever since.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Officials at Syracuse’s Landmark Theatre are hoping to return some stability to the historic venue after a period of poor management and questionable business practices.   New leadership and a strong schedule are aiming for a more promising future.  

It’s been a period of transition at the Landmark.  They parted ways with their executive director in February, and there’s a new president of the board of trustees.  Stephanie Crockett says the board’s mission is clear:

It's an EP that's been five years in the making, this "Mystic Kingdom" that Kimberly Schad has written, recorded and produced. You could say more, actually, if you consider the years that the young woman who carefully put together her four songs in the studio in Jamesville spent following her father Tim and uncle Steve around Central New while they played and engineered shows, big productions like Pink Floyd tribute band Childhood's End. "Styleen's (Rhythm Palace). (Oswego) Harborfest. Yes, that's where I learned delay. Give me echo," she says during an interview in the studio in the basement of the family home.