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Scott Willis / WAER News

Leaders on Syracuse’s north side are concerned about the potential impact of the I-81 project on their neighborhoods.  Director of the Northside Urban Partnership Dominic Robinson stood outside the new One Group Center adjacent to Spencer Street and the freeway.

Maria Simmon / Rosamond Gifford zoo

Syracuse's Rosamond Gifford Zoo has two recent reasons to celebrate International Red Panda Day Saturday.  Two red panda cubs named Ravi and Amirya were born on June 27th to second-time mother Tabei. But the tiny cubs aren't on exhibit to zoo guests just yet. 

   In a release, officials say they're inside nest boxes under the careful watch of their mother.  They have opened their eyes and are mobile, but are still tiny and nursing.  Zookeepers have been conducting regular weight and wellness checks to monitor the cub's growth and health.  

Scott Willis / WAER News

  Most Central New Yorkers probably know Syracuse University opened its doors to World War II veterans under the GI Bill.  But what was the impact on campus and surrounding areas?  A new exhibit at SU explores how the influx of veterans transformed the area physically, academically, and socially.  University Archivist Meg Mason says a letter from a veteran posed a sincere question.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Many Central New Yorkers this weekend might pause and reflect on the events of 15 years ago when terrorists used airliners to kill nearly 3,000 people.  The 21-foot, 6-ton steel column from the World Trade Center in front of DeWitt town hall is a constant reminder of that horrific day in 2001.  The tragedy hits close to home for DeWitt Town Supervisor Ed Michalenko.   

John Smith/WAER News

This morning, workers celebrated Labor Day by marching in a parade at the New York State Fair. Local Postal Workers Union President Mike Landry (Lan- Dree) said it’s important to march for labor movements.

“The one percent or corporate America is always trying to take away from the middle class.  They’re making 400 times what the average worker is.  It’s just about bringing some equality back.”

John Smith/WAER News

As the state fair enters its final day, some food vendors seem to indicate they might be counting a little less cash.  They say the reconfiguration of the Midway, after the removal of the race track and Grandstand, has resulted in a drop in business.  Monica Bova runs Alivero’s food stand, which was previously run by her late father for most of the past 18 years.  She says Kiddieland used to be nearby, which generated traffic.

Scott Willis / WAER News

  Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes to the state fairgrounds is in the midway after $50 million in upgrades.  The removal of the grandstand and race track opened up a more uniform space for the rides and games.  WAER News caught up with the man in charge of the midway…and a few fairgoers for some feedback.  

Sure, there are some strange shows and scary rides on the midway, but owner and CEO of Wade Shows Frank Zaitshik says that’s not the case with the new layout.

John Smith/WAER News

  Every year people honor or remember loved ones during Armed Forces Day at the New York State Fair.  Bricks inscribed with the names of service members, both living and deceased, are on display at the Veteran’s Memorial in front of the Horticulture Building.  Scott Zirbel came from Auburn to honor his father Lloyd Zirbel who served as a Military Police Officer during World War Two.

Judith Bello's facebook page

A Rochester-based activist and political analyst just back from a fact-finding mission to Syria will stop by Syracuse Tuesday evening to share observations from her week-long visit.  Judith Bello suggests all aspects of Syrian life seem to be struggling five years into the civil war.  This was her second visit to Syria in about two years.  She says one recurring theme despite the unrest is that Syria has historically been a religiously tolerant country, with different sects living in harmony.  Bello has seen it on the streets…

Geani Sanabria/WAER News

The cows responsible for helping to produce Milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream are the stars on the 40th Anniversary of Dairy Day at the New York State Fair.  Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball says the Fair showcases the importance of the industry and how it touches the world.

“It’s obvious at the Fair.  You look at the butter sculpture, you can walk through the barns see the cows, go to the birthing tent.  You come face to face with agriculture.”