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A Rochester-based activist and political analyst just back from a fact-finding mission to Syria will stop by Syracuse Tuesday evening to share observations from her week-long visit.  Judith Bello suggests all aspects of Syrian life seem to be struggling five years into the civil war.  This was her second visit to Syria in about two years.  She says one recurring theme despite the unrest is that Syria has historically been a religiously tolerant country, with different sects living in harmony.  Bello has seen it on the streets…

Geani Sanabria/WAER News

The cows responsible for helping to produce Milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream are the stars on the 40th Anniversary of Dairy Day at the New York State Fair.  Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball says the Fair showcases the importance of the industry and how it touches the world.

“It’s obvious at the Fair.  You look at the butter sculpture, you can walk through the barns see the cows, go to the birthing tent.  You come face to face with agriculture.”

Scott Willis / WAER News

Many Central New Yorkers probably don’t know that downtown’s central library is one of the few places in the state where a visually impaired person can print documents in braille.  Most of us probably take for granted what we can see on a screen or printed page.  

Scott Willis / WAER News

Visitors to Onondaga County’s Central Library in downtown Syracuse are now greeted with a first floor entrance and $8.7 million worth of renovations and upgrades on three levels.  Executive Director of the library system Susan Mitchell says maybe the big red library sign on Salina street is what’s pulling people in.

Scott Willis / WAER News

  The Onondaga Citizens League has embarked on its latest community study to put real faces on the area’s "economic ecosystem"…who gets work, who doesn’t, and who makes those decisions.  WAER News stopped by the first of three “scoping” sessions to learn more.

Understanding the diversity of the Central New York economy is probably a good place to start.  That's what this group tried to tackle.

"What jobs are out there?"

"What are we doing now.  Very simple question.  Should I write that down?"

"You bet."

Undeterred by the Drought, The Downtown Farmers Market Continues to Sprout

Aug 23, 2016
Sophia Morris, WAER News

  It’s been a hot, dry summer across Central New York and local farmers have certainly felt the impact.  Less water means smaller yields and a lot more work, especially for the farmers that assemble at the market on Tuesdays in downtown Clinton Square.

Bill Ingersoll owns and operates Ingersoll Farms in Fulton, and has noticed a bit of yield loss.  But he says nothing too drastic due to the drought.

Scott Willis/WAER News

The New York State Fair is just a few days away, and fairgoers will likely have to reset their internal GPS when they arrive on the fairgrounds.  In part one of our preview series, what you’re likely to see after the first significant changes to the grounds in eight decades.

If you’ve passed by the fairgrounds recently, the most visible change from the front is a new main gate…

  People who want to start their own business a little later in life got some financial help and encouragement Tuesday from the Small Business Administration here in Syracuse. 

Marcia Lafave is one of these so-called ‘Encore Entrepreneurs.’  Lafave started a home care business called The Right Care to help people with medical needs at home.   

“…help them out with house cleaning, bathing, maybe there’s a person that has had a stroke, a TBI, and needs help giving insulin to themselves; any help that we can give them to ensure their safety in their home.”

Crashes that produce thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths on our highways could be avoided with a little more attention and precautions.  A Triple-A foundation study found that could also save some New York drivers from going to jail.

Jason Chen / WAER News

Every six minutes, an underground utility line is damaged somewhere in the United States.  August 11 is National 811 Dig Safely Day (get it? 8/11?). National Grid Damage Prevention Supervisor Annette Wisniewski said it’s important to identify underground utilities before doing any digging in the yard to ensure safety and prevent damage.