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Two more days of welcoming the green and red of Michigan State and Louisville around the hills of Syracuse, Central New Yorkers. Wave goodbye as the fans of North Carolina State and Oklahoma sadly make there way back home. Of course, since they still have those tickets to Sunday's Elite Eight game at the Carrier Dome and they've seen how welcoming it can be around here ...

WAER Is Giving You the Silent Treatment

Mar 23, 2015

  For the month of March WAER has decided to give its listeners the “Silent Treatment.” The Silent Treatment is an online fundraising campaign in which listeners and members are encouraged to donate in order to support programming efforts. However, no program will be interrupted on-air to ask listeners to do so. 

Mark Bialczak

 The St. Patrick's Day Parade means many things to many people.

Central New Yorkers who visit the state fairgrounds for any number events year-round or just the 12-day fair probably have ideas of how $50 million  in state money might be used to re-imagine the venue.    Many have probably seen or at least heard of the plan presented by County Executive Joanie Mahoney at her state of the county address to make the fairgrounds a more modern, vibrant, year-round attraction.  Acting fair director Troy Waffner says it’s still just conceptual.

City of Syracuse-Office of the Mayor

  Workers and residents in Downtown Syracuse might have walked by Perseverance Park many times, but not really known its purpose.  An effort is underway to transform the space in order to attract some attention and people.

John Smith

Construction for the final stretches of the Connective Corridor through Downtown will get underway soon.

The City of Syracuse has installed new sidewalks, roads, and bike paths from Waverly and University Avenues down to the Syracuse University Warehouse Building.  

The construction work begins this month and is expected to end by June 2015, according to project officials. 

Owen Kerney, the assistant director for city planning, estimated that about three-quarters of the project is finished and the final result will bring valuable improvements.  

Chris Bolt/WAER News

UPDATED 2/25 @ 5:00 P.M. 

  Syracuse residents are getting their chance to say how they might walk along Onondaga creek, or bike or access a creek path from their neighborhood.   The first of three public meetings on expanding the Onondaga Creekwalk was last night.  Syracuse Facilities engineer Russell Houck has been working on phase two of the Creekwalk for two years and says the first portion has been beneficial.

There’s that recreation connection from downtown to the lake; it opened areas along that section as well.  We’ve seen additional development in the Inner Harbor are and I think the Creekwalk has had a big impact on that to promote that development.  We hope the Creekwalk phase II promotes some additional development south of the city as well.

There’s been a plan to extend the trail for years; a 2008 feasibility study laid out potential routes for the trail, but no plans are definite.  The City of Syracuse wants to find the best location for the trail and how it might integrate into various neighborhoods. Houck says individuals, developers, or commercial entities will see an improvement in a neighborhood and want to take part.

We talked about promoting development, improving the streetscape and the look of the neighborhoods along the creek corridor, creating more access to the creek corridor itself.  Those are the goals.  

  The second public meeting takes place Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. in the Southwest Community Center;  a third introductory meeting is March 4th at the MOST.  After those meetings, final design plans will be brought back in front of the public for more input.  

The City of Syracuse is starting to plan for the next phase of the Onondaga Creekwalk, and residents are invited to add their thoughts.  



Three public information meetings will be held throughout the city to give the public an opportunity to comment on design options for Phase II of the  Creekwalk.  The proposed second phase of the Creekwalk will extend 2.2 miles, from Armory Square to West Colvin Street.

Mark Bialczak

With a name like Winterfest, you've got to expect a certain amount of snow and cold in Hanover Square for the annual Chili Cook-Off.

Modern Malt @eatdrinkmalt

  Syracuse residents might be coming out of hibernation early this year, for the 11th annual Downtown Dining Weeks that start Monday. Some new restaurants have joined on along with old favorites, making for a record number of participants.

Scott Willis / WAER News

The Central New York Boat Show is underway, and new this year is an interactive exhibit aimed at preparing inexperienced boaters for potential emergencies on the water. “Suddenly in Command” is an educational drill geared toward making passengers comfortable and ready to take command in case the captain is unable to.    Recreation Specialist with the New York Sea Grant Dave White says the program will teach participants how to gain control of the boat and how to communicate using marine radio, distress flags, and flares when there is no cell phone service. 

White says the training gives participants the opportunity to learn boating terminology, equipment and operations without having to enroll in a boating class.  Boat Show Manger Drew Wickham says the experience is a great addition to the usual array of fishing boats, personal watercraft, small runabouts, cruisers, and pontoon boats.