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Dr. Marvin Druger examines the growing danger of the Zika Virus

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Science on the Radio Explores Mites

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Dr. Marvin Druger explores the Great Barrier Reef


Syracuse advocates for renewable energy are urging Governor Cuomo to ramp up his efforts to reach a more sustainable New York. Mark Dunlea of the Green Education and Legal Fund says he is pleased that Cuomo recognizes climate change as a serious problem, but…

“Unfortunately, what he has proposed to date in terms of the state’s climate action agenda is not enough to really avoid catastrophic climate change.”

Science on the Radio Discusses AIDS

Local Photography Exhibit Displays Migrating Birds at Onondaga Lake

Mar 31, 2016
Cheryl Lloyd

Migrating birds have found the perfect place to make a landing spot anywhere around Onondaga Lake, and local photographers have the photos to prove it.  The Executive Director of Audubon New York credits the revitalization efforts of the lake as the reason it tends to be a popular landing pad.  There are at least 50 acres of wetlands.  Erin Crotty says Onondaga Lake is critically important to several species.

“Birds that are migrating through the community and using Onondaga Lake as a source of food and shelter.”

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Dr. Marvin Druger discusses how eyes vary in function in different types of species.

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Marvin Druger examines the species of Fruit Flies

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Marvin Druger discusses what factors play in to aging for adults.