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Substance abuse is a growing problem in Onondaga County, and Crouse Hospital has the only dedicated treatment center. Crouse Spokesperson Bob Allen told County Lawmakers extra funding is needed to expand the facility. 

“The facility that we describe as 410, where the bulk of our programs are housed, we cannot physically take any more patients in that building.”

  Researchers at Syracuse University are halfway to their goal of testing 300 local kids to examine their LEAD levels. Most of us think lead testing in kids might have to do with old paints in homes which contain lead, however, Professor of Public Health, Dr. Brooks Gump explains why this test is much different.

Syracuse researchers are looking specifically at food sources with traces of lead.

A new federal bill announced in Syracuse Monday could help limit the amount of opiate painkillers that get prescribed…and then get abused.  One local family knows all too well the pain of painkiller abuse.   The tragedy of the Socci family of Auburn started when their 29-year-old daughter broke up with a boyfriend over his addiction to painkillers.

  The paper prescription you get from the doctor is about to be a thing of the past.  New York State law is changing medication practices for most times doctors prescribe a drug.

  A Syracuse Sleep Doctor is trying to make people more aware of the role a good night’s sleep plays in overall health.   World Sleep Day this past week focused attention on all the reasons you might be tired tomorrow.

We’ve probably all been there…tossing and turning in bed when you know you need a good night’s sleep.  Well it's more of a problem than just being tired the next day and Doctor Antonio Culebras says we never really learn about what he calls one of three pillars of health.

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It appears more Upstate New Yorkers are resorting to opiates and surgery to address back pain over simpler, more effective treatments.  There’s concern that could be leading to worse outcomes.

Syracuse Healthcare Organizations Pledge to Increase Colo-Rectal Cancer Screenings

Mar 8, 2016
infographic showing statistics about colo-rectal cancer survival rates for cases detected beforehand (90 percent) and during early stages (40%). The graphic also lists the stages of colo-rectal cancer.
American Cancer Society

  A range of businesses and health care institutions is teaming up to cut the number of colo-rectal cancer cases in half.

  Many people might not know that there are certain types of cancers that can be almost completely prevented. Colorectal cancer is one of them …and the Onondaga County Health Department is dedicating this month to colorectal cancer screenings. It’s the third most common cancer among men and women in the U.S. …yet a third of those most at risk don’t get tested.  Public Health Educator Emily Young wonders if people have enough information.

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St.  Joseph’s Hospital and several partner organizations are hoping a new three-year,$1.5 million dollar grant will help to make communities healthier by addressing the root causes of poor health.  Syracuse was one of six communities to be awarded a grant.

Dr. Bechara Choucair says he knew almost immediately that Syracuse would be a top contender.  He’s Senior Vice President for Safety Net Transformation and Community Health at Trinity Health, which awarded the grant.

  If you or a loved one have ever experienced symptoms that your doctor hasn’t been able to diagnose, you’re not alone. Monday was Rare Disease Day, dedicated to raising awareness about little-known diseases...that can impact patients’ and families' lives.