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2:42 pm
Tue November 11, 2014

Onondaga County Honors Veterans on Veteran's Day

A view of the 2014 Veteran's Day Ceremony inside the Onondaga County War Memorial
Credit Angelica Rodriguez / WAER News

Today Onondaga County remembered and honored D-day Veterans and all Armed Service members in the annual Veteran’s Day ceremony at the War Memorial Center in Downtown Syracuse.  70 years ago U-S soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, France on  D-Day to liberate Europe from Nazi control.   

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Local News
12:09 pm
Mon November 3, 2014

CNY Tech Gurus Can Enter Competition to Create Phone Apps that Help Society

A smartphone App like this could help teachers and parents - and it could win the ATT CNY Civic App Challenge
Credit Nathan Burchfield

  People who create and design phone applications have just about another week to enter the AT&T Central New York Civic App Challenge

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Local News
4:49 pm
Wed October 29, 2014

Political Heavyweights join Neighbors to Oppose Inmate Halfway House in Tipperary Hill

Senator Charles Schumer joins neighbors to oppose the siting of a halfway house for former federal prison inmates that could go into the Tipperary Hill area.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

  A proposed halfway house may be too close for comfort for the Tippery Hill neighborhood.

Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Dan Maffei joined local residents to oppose a plan by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Schumer says community opinions should play a large role in the decision making process.

“The Federal bureau of prisons is an agency but it should take into account local concerns, a halfway house is something that has to be supported by a community to make it work and so one of the criteria they look at is community concerns and support.”

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Domestic Violence Report to Community
4:34 pm
Wed October 29, 2014

25 Years of Fighting Domestic Violence with a focus on the Work to be Done

Report to Community on Domestic and Sexual Violence shows police respond to 1300 calls for domestic disputes each month
Credit verahouse.org

  Vera House is celebrating its 25th Anniversary of fighting domestic and sexual violence today by allowing survivors to share stories about overcoming their abuse.

Jennifer explained how a period of abuse in her childhood led to decades of confusion and frustration in trying to cope with her experiences. She says she has learned to embrace the title of Survivor with the others that describe her life.

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Onondoga Road Quality
4:00 pm
Fri October 17, 2014

Quality of Onondoga County Roads Similar to Roads Across the State

Credit Anna Leach

  Think the roads in Onondaga County are terrible?  Well, they’re actually no better throughout the rest of the state.  Just about half of the county’s roads are rated either poor or in need of some repair or reconstruction, according to transportation research group TRIP.  Statewide that number is 47-percent, with only 44-percent of roads in good or excellent condition. According to TRIP, the general goal for state and local organizations which maintain road conditions is to have 75-percent of roads in at least good condition. 

Their report also estimates the county falls 6 million dollars short of funding necessary maintenance…and twice that much to really repair everything that’s faulty.  TRIP’s Rocky Moretti points out, putting off repairs costs taxpayers.

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