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Downtown Syracuse Parking
1:24 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Syracuse Drivers Can Use Mobile Phone App to Find, Pay For Downtown Parking

People might be able to find parking easier - and pay for it more conveniently - with new mobile phone app specially for Syracuse
Credit SaltCityCritiqu

  People trying to find a parking place in Syracuse can go high tech and use a new mobile phone app.  The service called Whoosh will also let you pay for that parking right from your phone.  Mayor Stephanie Miner announced the service today – and it’s already up and running.  Drivers can just open the app on their phones right after they’ve parked the car.

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Tully Center for Free Speech
7:37 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Have Free Speech Rights Been Trampled in the Reaction to Ferguson MO Protests?

Did police intimidate peaceful protestors in Ferguson, MO as they cracked down on violent aspects of the demonstrations, violating first amendment rights?
Credit npr.org

  A Syracuse University Free Speech expert finds a couple examples of how constitutional rights might have been trampled during the protests in Ferguson, MissouriRoy Gutterman is Director of the Tully Center for Free Speech at S-U’s Newhouse School of Communications.  He calls police suppression of citizens scary, like a military crackdown.  Gutterman admi

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6:40 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

Hillside Hatchery Program Mentors Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Students tour the Syracuse Tech Garden and speak with successful entrepreneurs
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

About 20 Syracuse high school students got a taste this week of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur – including all the risks and rewards of owning their own business.  It’s the first-ever “Hillside Hatchery” training program under, the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection.  Thursday, the students got a tour of the Syracuse Technology Garden, where many start-ups bloom and grow.  

Isaiah Spann will be a senior at Corcoran High School.  He says the program has provided a solid foundation for him:  “It’s a good first step for people to learn about entrepreneurship at a young age, so they gave us this opportunity to speak to these entrepreneurs to learn what we can do with business.”

 Lisa Berardi is Director of Operations at Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. She says, “Graduation is our goal. We’re not looking to just graduate students, but we’re looking to build them, and their skills and their abilities to have successful experiences after high school. For some of them, that means college, for some that might mean a trade school, for some of them they’re not looking to continue their education, they’re looking to start working right away. 

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5:46 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

Three Charged In Cicero Meth Lab Operation

Samuel Glenny was charged with two offenses involving criminal possession of a controlled substance and one for unlawfully manufacturing methamphetamine.
Credit Onondaga County Sheriff's Dept.

Three people were arrested and charged Wednesday night when a month-long investigation resulted in the discovery of a methamphetamine lab in Cicero, New York. Renee Fatta, Gerald Reome, and Samuel Glenny were arrested when a search warrant was executed at 5637 Bear Road, where they ran a clandestine laboratory.

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3:48 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

Wanted: 40 Homes and Businesses to Solarize Syracuse

Solarize Syracuse members from left to right: Chris Carrick, Sam Gordon, Jessica Azulay, Syracuse Common Councilor Kathleen Joy and Justin Williams of CNY Solar.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

Syracuse and some nearby town residents of Dewitt, Manlius and Onondaga have the opportunity to grab some buying power for solar panel installations at their homes or businesses.  The new initiative 'Solarize Syracuse' is looking for 40 participants to get the panels installed now through September 30th. Jessica Azulay says a local company will handle the installations.

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