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  New York State is putting more money this year into helping residents get federal disability benefits.  This is a help for those who need the financial assistance and the state and local communities benefit as well. 

Many New Yorkers are denied when they apply for federal disability assistance.  The recourse is an appeal – which can take years and require extensive legal paperwork.  Dan Altwarg is senior managing attorney at Legal Aid Society of Mid- New York which helps a broad range of people navigate those waters. 

    There’s more evidence that the Presidential race may be effecting which party controls the State Senate.

Currently, the GOP is holding on, with the help of one Democrat who meets with them. But a new Siena College poll finds that nearly two thirds of voters think that Donald Trump at the top of the ticket will not help Republicans hold on to the Senate, and Hilary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate will actually help Democrats regain the Senate, says Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg.

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A routine oversight hearing by the state Assembly turned testy when Governor Cuomo’s Economic Development Czar, Howard Zemsky, endured over two hours of questions about Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs, which are currently under federal investigation.

  Zemsky answered questions for over two hours from Democratic and Republican Assemblymembers, who wanted to know why the economic development program known as Start UP, which offers a ten year tax break for new high tech businesses who locate on college campuses , is seeming to take so long to begin.


Utica Area Republican Congress Member Richard Hanna made public his decision Tuesday to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.  In a letter to The Syracuse Post Standard and Syracuse-dot-com, Hanna says he fears Donald Trump will make issues such as tax reform, infrastructure, immigration and the environment much worse.  In the opinion letter Hanna further calls Trump offensive and narcissistic. 


  Governor Cuomo got his moment on the convention stage Thursday night before Hillary Clinton’s speech.   He started the speech by mentioning his father, and Mario Cuomo’s famous 1984 Tale of Two Cities speech at the San Francisco convention 32 years ago.  

Cuomo then went on to list his accomplishments, including raising the minimum wage in New York, and enacting paid family leave and marriage equality, and  banning hydro fracking.

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  New York's senior senator has never been one to shy from the spotlight or a podium, so Chuck Schumer had both Wednesday in front of the New York delegation at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  Perhaps most notably, he expressed opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership, and that there would be major changes in trade deals if he becomes Senate Majority Leader.

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  Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced a surprise guest at   the New York delegation breakfast, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders spoke to the delegates of Hillary Clinton’s home state, who received him enthusiastically, chanting “Bernie, Bernie” over and over . The Vermont Senator  told them that Clinton is the best candidate to beat Trump, who he calls a bigoted “demagogue”, who led the movement to question President Obama’s citizenship.

“That type of mentality does not and will not ever see the inside of the oval office,” Sanders said.

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  It’s supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s convention, but all of the focus Monday was on her primary challenger Bernie Sanders and his delegates, who continue to stew over a wikileaks release of DNC emails that showed favoritism to Clinton over Sanders.

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  The GOP convention has wrapped up in Cleveland, and it’s probably no surprise there are starkly different opinions about the republican nominee.  WAER News brings reaction from trump supporters and a history professor.

Cazenovia College Professor John Robert Greene says what struck him about the convention overall was how little control there was by the Trump campaign.  Too many unscripted moments, rookie errors, protests, plagiarism…

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Now that the Republican National Convention is over, the next step for Republicans, after the Democrats are done with their gathering, is to begin the Presidential election campaign. The head of Trump’s New York campaign say he expects the state to be in play. 

  Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino says even though New York has many more Democrats than Republicans, Trump wants to compete against Hillary Clinton in his home state.