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Tuesday is not only New York’s Presidential primary. It also the day for two special elections to replace the disgraced former leaders of the legislature, who lost their seats after being convicted on multiple felony corruption charges.

One of the races is to replace former Senate Leader Dean Skelos, a Republican who is now facing a lengthy prison term on corruption convictions.  

John Smith/WAER News

  Supporters of one Democratic Presidential candidate brought a Senator of Minnesota and Mayor Stephanie Miner together on an issue important to Syracuse.  They support Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure plan…and gathered at Plum Street Bridge near Franklin Square, built in 1908.

“And it was renovated, it needs to be fully renovated and right now they’re re-decking it.  It gets approximately 300 cars a day.”

Central New Yorkers Came to Trump Rally to Cheer, Protest & Satisfy Curiosity

21 hours ago
Elissa Candiotti/WAER News

  Presidential candidate Donald Trump left many Syracuse residents looking forward to a brighter future for the city. Thousands showed up to the rally at the OnCenter Saturday to support Trump’s campaign…but plenty came out to protest as well.  And some were just interested in the Trump phenomenon.

Sophia Morris / WAER News

Hundreds of fans gathered at Driver’s Village Friday in support of republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.  Michael Skroupa was excited to hear Cruz address matters of foreign policy and military actions.

"I want to hear about what his plan is to deal with ISIS.  That's a growing problem that's destabilizing the region.  I also want to hear what he's going to do about Russian aggression  going on right now."

African American Leaders Detail Why They Support Bernie Sanders

Apr 14, 2016
Elissa Candiotti / WAER News

Leaders of African American groups in Syracuse are detailing why they support voting for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election. Their reasons range from civil rights to better educational opportunities.

For some people, support for Sanders has its roots all the way back to the Civil Rights Movement. College student Maurice Brown is a Sanders delegate from the 24th Congressional District. He says Sanders has been fighting for black rights long before he was even born.

Poll Finds Clinton Ahead of Sanders with Key Voters

Apr 13, 2016
Chris Bolt and Sophia Morris / WAER News

  A new poll finds that Bernie Sanders has narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton in the New York Presidential primary race, but Clinton leads in key voting regions.

The Siena college poll finds that while  52% of Democrats would vote for Hillary Clinton, compared to 42% for Bernie Sanders, Clinton is ahead in voter rich New York City and surrounding suburbs. The two are even in upstate, but that represents just around one quarter of total Democratic voters. Siena’s Steve Greenberg says there’s also an age divide between the two candidates.

Karen DeWitt / WXXI News

Proponents of New York’s new medical marijuana law say so far, it’s barely functioning, and they say major revisions are necessary to allow more than just a tiny number of patients to benefit.

New York’s limited medical marijuana began in January, but advocates and patients say it has not worked out as well as they hoped. They say strict limits on diseases that are eligible for treatment, no insurance coverage, and near complete lack of doctors who have undergone the required training and will prescribe the medicine has left them frustrated.

Syracuse "Felt the Bern" for Sanders at Campaign Rally

Apr 12, 2016
Chris Bolt/WAER News

  About five thousand people filled the main hall of the Oncenter on Tuesday  to hear democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just a week ahead of the New York state primary.  The crowd cheered after about every other sentence as Sanders relayed his message to the people of Syracuse.  Sanders drew cheers of support when he compared harsh drug laws and their consequences to crooks on Wall Street.

Chris McGlynn / WAER News

Hundreds of Central New Yorkers packed into Henninger Athletic Center at Le Moyne College Friday night to catch a glimpse of a Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich.  For some, it was a chance to find out a bit more about the Governor of Ohio.

“It will probably give me a new perspective into his policies and his ideals,” said college student Braden Lee before the event.

Facebook - Stephanie Miner

  Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner released her new budget proposal Friday. The proposal holds the line on property taxes, water, and sewer rates for the fiscal year, which begins July 1.

59 percent of the $706 million spending plan would go to the School District; the City would receive the remaining 41 percent. The plan needs $12.1 million in reserve funds to be balanced.