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What can the chosen candidate of New York’s 24th Congressional District do to bring more jobs and improve the economy in Central New York?  We’ve heard from the candidates on social security and on drug policy.  Today WAER’s Chris Bolt asks the candidates how they are trying to cope with a business landscape that’s constantly evolving.

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The beleaguered head of SUNY’s Polytechnic Institute, Alain Kaloyeros, formally resigned from his post Tuesday, after being placed on leave without pay following criminal charges from state and federal officials.

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Onondaga County lawmakers Tuesday approved what is probably one of the more difficult budgets they’ve seen in several years.  Ways and Means Committee Chair David Knapp says he entered the budget process last month with low expectations.

"If you asked me back in September if we would be able to get to where we are now, I would have been very pessimistic," he admitted.

He says  the $1.29 billion spending plan had challenges from both the cost and revenue sides….

Local elections are riding the tide of the presidential race and expecting increased voter turnout. But it’s not a surprise for Onondaga County election officials like Democratic Commissioner of Elections Dustin Czarny.

“Turnout for a presidential election in Onondaga County will run anywhere between 75 and 80-percent, whereas a local election like last year, turnout was around 25 to 30-percent. So, we’re talking about double, triple the amount of votes that are being cast and those do translate down-ballot as well.”

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Governor Cuomo says much of the responsibility for the alleged corruption scandal touching his administration is on the State University, specifically SUNY Polytechnic Institute, which oversaw many of the contracts. But reform groups say the governor is not telling the whole story.

Cuomo’s made a few public appearances since the U.S. Attorney, Preet Bharara, issued criminal complaints against nine people, including several close to Cuomo and two major upstate real estate developers.


Lots of national and international issues are competing for time and attention this election campaign season for presidential candidates as well as our Syracuse-area congressional hopefuls.  Concerns about terrorism, international trade and immigration grab headlines…but few issues affect as many people as social security.  

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The criminal charges against nine of Governor Cuomo’s associates is the latest incident in a wave of corruption that has enveloped the State Capitol for the past several years.  When Cuomo first became Governor in 2011, he promised to do something about it. So far, he has not been particularly successful.  

Cuomo, in his inaugural speech as governor , January 1, 2011 promised that corruption at the Capitol would end, and the public trust would be restored during his tenure in office.

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A former Cuomo Administration official is among those  named in a criminal complaint by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, and accused of carrying out kickback and bribery schemes over a period of several years. Many of those illegal acts, the complaint alleges, involve the governor’s much touted Upstate economic development programs, including the Buffalo Billion.


A national security expert at Syracuse University says suspect linked to the four bombings in and around New York City doesn’t appear to have any links to an international terrorist group..so far.  Director of National Security Studies Bill Smullen says it seems 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami of New Jersey is a home-grown terrorist who may have allegedly had help planting the bombs.  Smullen says the presence of cameras assisted in his capture. 

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  Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney presented her budget proposal to lawmakers Thursday, which includes no property tax increase for 2017.   The $1.3 billion spending plan represents a 1.9 percent increase over 2016.  But there are signs that the budget is a bit more strained than in recent years.  While the property tax levy stays flat, Mahoney says they’re also predicting a modest increase in sales tax revenue that’s roughly half of what it has been.