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128th Assembly District Race
6:37 pm
Mon October 6, 2014

Assembly Candidate John Sharon Reminds Voters They Have a Choice November 4

Candidate John Sharon (left) interacts with Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair.
Credit John Sharon For State Assembly

Republican John Sharon is hoping the third time’s the charm in his bid to represent the 128th assembly district.  He’s trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Sam Roberts in a district that traditionally favors democrats.  Even though voters have elected Roberts twice, Sharon says it’s clear that Roberts isn’t known to many constituents…“As I campaigned then and now, I would do an informal poll and ask ‘Do you know who your Assemblyman is now?’ and the unofficial answer is nobody knows who it is. That tells me that there’s an opportunity. If I can get my message out there, get my name out there, I have a very good chance of winning.”

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24th District Congressional Race
4:17 pm
Mon October 6, 2014

Candidates for Congress Try and Paint Differences over Leadership and Middle-Class Issues

John Katko claims he'd show more leadership in Congress, if elected. He pointed at Maffei's record of bills in the most recent congressional session.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  The two candidates for New York’s 24th congressional district are trying to make their case for who’s more in-touch with voters.  Republican John Katko criticized democratic representative Dan Maffei’s political ads that paint Maffei as a middle-class advocate.

Katko reviewed Maffei’s legislative record from 2013 when he proposed a dozen bills, only one of which became law.  The rest largely failed to gain any co-sponsors…even from Maffei’s own party.  Katko says now that it’s election season, Maffei is trying to make his record into something it’s not.

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5:10 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

New Republican Candidate Hopes to Find A Place in the State Assembly

Credit https://www.facebook.com/RickZaccariaNY

  With elections fast approaching, State Assembly candidate Rick Zaccaria is kicking his campaign into full gear. He opened his new campaign office just a few days ago. 

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Maffei Small Business Defense Roundtable
5:22 pm
Thu September 25, 2014

Rep. Dan Maffei Holds Meeting With Central New York Businesses About Defense Dollars

NY Representative Dan Maffei listens during the Small Business Defense Contracting Roundtable held Thursday morning.
Credit (c) John Smith, WAER.

Central New York is home to several businesses that provide technology and products to the Department of Defense. Most of the companies that secure these contracts are not massive defense firms; rather they are smaller organizations that meet a specific need for the federal government. 

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24th District Congressional Race
4:38 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

GOP Candidate John Katko Releases Jobs Plan amid Criticism that He's Been Lax on the Subject

John Katko at an event earlier this summer.
Credit WAER News

  Voters around Central New York are making the economy a top issue once again.  Congressional Candidate John Katko Wednesday released a plan that he says would help create more jobs and help businesses do better.   He’d propose a simpler tax code for businesses that would help them compete.

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