Majority Support Keeping I-81's Current Route, New Poll Shows

Dec 6, 2016
Scott Willis

A group that wants to keep Interstate 81 – or at least its path – through downtown Syracuse has some new support for its position. A new poll by the group Save 81 showed that the majority of respondents support keeping the highway’s current route. Spokesperson Mark Nicotra said past surveys have showed that people are in favor of keeping 81 running through the city, and they wanted to feel the public’s temperature once again. “We want to see it that still was the thought process and we...

Scott Willis / WAER News

Syracuse Common Councilors want to make sure the state knows where they stand when it comes to redevelopment of I-81 north of the I-690 interchange. Councilors passed a resolution Monday asking the governor to direct the DOT to acknowledge the potential damage that could be done by the current proposal. Most of the debate over the future of I-81 has centered on the viaduct south of I-690. But Northside stakeholders say the plan north of the interchange has gotten little scrutiny. District...

Morgan Bulman/WAER News

The organizers of Syracuse-area protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline are only so happy to hear about the suspension of the project by the Army Corps of Engineers. One local Native American has some insights on the latest developments - and what it might mean for environmental and indigenous policies. Syracuse saw several events in support of the protesters in North Dakota. A flash mob at Destiny, a march from the Onondaga Nation to downtown, and others. Mohawk Hugh Burnam, a grad...

New Restaurant to Benefit OCC Students and the Northside Community

Dec 2, 2016

Students at Onondaga Community College can learn in a new restaurant that will also pay benefits for Syracuse's Northside community. Sarah Robin, the first restaurateur in residence, will have Pakistani food on the menu in the teaching restaurant. “I want to open my own restaurant in the future so this whole program is helping a lot. I know how to cook but I really want to learn some management skills” Robin said. “So I think this hotel and these skills will help me to really make me the...

John Smith/WAER News

Bishops representing the Episcopal Church are coming to Syracuse as the local Central New York Denomination Consecrates its first female Bishop tomorrow, the eleventh for the church. The Presiding US Bishop of the Church, The Most Reverend Michael Curry will preside over the service. He is the first African-American to lead the church. In terms of instilling Social Justice, he likens what he think needs to be done by people to the teachings of the church. “And when I say it looks something...

Marlee Tuskes / WAER News

With the start of the holiday season, staff at the Barnes-Hiscock Mansion in Syracuse has spent the past few days decorating for the many events planned for December. And while one of the goals is to raise money to renovate the 163-year-old mansion, foundation director Mary Therese Zorbo says they’re also trying to raise awareness of the mansion and its rich history. “ This home was a location for secret meetings to discuss the Underground Railroad, most especially the safest routes from...

John Smith/WAERNews

The annual World AIDS Day Service was observed at LeMoyne College on Thursday morning. The “Service of Remembrance” was filled with reflective readings, stirring music and handmade quilts bearing the names of loved ones.

John Smith/WAERNews

The developer of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown is taking on another multi-million dollar building renovation project right across the street. The old Symphony Tower, which was once connected to the old hotel by a pedestrian bridge, will take $24 to $26 million to complete and will be up and running by next fall, according to Co-Owner, Ed Riley. He says that amount factors in the work that’s previously been performed and what’s left to complete. Riley doesn’t think the new Hyatt brand hotel will compete with the Marriott.

The spread of technology is about to start changing medical care more rapidly…and in the process, possibly save patients and the healthcare system money. One local insurer will be rolling out Tele-medicine for the families it covers this coming year.

Syracuse Black Lives Matter Movement Calls For Police Transparency

Nov 29, 2016
Annalisa Pardo

About 40 people with the Black Lives Matter Syracuse movement gathered outside the Federal Building Tuesday morning to protest what they said is too much secrecy within the city’s police department. Herve Comeau is with Black Lives Matter and led part of Tuesday’s protest. He said he does not trust the Syracuse police department without knowing more about their operation. “We’d like to see more accountability. We’d like to see more transparency. We don't think that the police department...