7:11 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

New State Fair Exhibit to Tell the Story of Onondaga Lake

State Agriculture Commissioner Darryl Aubertine speaks at a news conference announcing the Onondaga Lake exhibit at the New York State Fair.
Credit Christian Bersani/WAER News

The story of Onondaga Lake including all of its blemishes will be on display for visitors to this year’s New York State Fair.  A new three-thousand square foot exhibit in the Center of Progress building will chronicle the lake’s past as the ancestral grounds of the Onondaga people to its ongoing recovery from decades of industrial and municipal pollution.   SUNY E-S-F President Neil Murphy says the space will allow visitors an interactive, hands-on experience.

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Frank Malfitano Music Fans to Share Their Thoughts
2:45 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

JazzFest Producer says the "Festival Universe" is Changing

Credit Courtesy Syracuse JazzFest

Just days after JazzFest at Jamesville Beach, Producer Frank Malfitano wants fans to share their thoughts.  He stopped by the WAER studios to give us his take which is quite candid.  Overall, he feels the festival went very well and the performers he says were really into it.  Click here to listen to a WAER web exclusive interview with Malfitano.

Although Malfitano is still crunching the numbers, it looks as though the 375-thousand dollar festival that is free to attend will break even this year.   

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Local News
12:08 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

Syracuse Police Asking for More Leads After Arrest in Homicide Case

Syracuse Police Cheif Frank Fowler and Mayor Stephanie Miner
Credit John Smith / WAER News

Following the recent arrest of a Syracuse man in a homicide case in May, the City’s Police Chief is asking for more leads and reassuring the public.  Police arrested Lynnquan Kellin earlier this week as he stepped off a Centro Bus in Solvay.

Chief Frank Fowler says Kellin shot and killed Arthur Bullock in the head as he attempted to rob his friends at his home on Fage Ave.  Despite random acts of violence, Fowler says officers are out working tirelessly to bring people like these into custody.

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Local News
7:08 am
Wed July 10, 2013

Onondaga County's Air-One Assists State Police in Pursuit of Stolen Vehicle from Texas

Air-One Chopper
Credit Onondaga County Sheriff's Office

Onondaga County’s Air One Helicopter Assisted State Police Tuesday night on Interstate 81 North following a stolen pick-up truck from Texas.  Authorities say the driver of the truck sped through three counties.

Air One provided lighting and communication which allowed Troopers to lower their speeds.  The vehicle in pursuit finally became stuck in the median at the Adams Center Exit in Jefferson County and the suspect was arrested.

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Cycling Erie Canal
9:56 pm
Tue July 9, 2013

Day 3 of Canal Ride: Different Types of Communities, While Riders Face Stiffest Test

Developed waterfront at Fairport attracts pleasure boats and other tourists.
Chris Bolt/WAER News

The third day on the Cycling the Erie Canal ride had the trail veer away from the canal waterway.  As reported earlier, Parks and Trails New York and the other entities promoting the Canalway Trail would like to close gaps in the trail, so riders, hikers and other people seeking recreation could have a contiguous trail.  The ride started in Pittsford, just a few miles off the canal, then headed along the waterway past several working locks.  Some communities such as Fairport and Seneca Falls (see pictures) in Tuesday's itinerary have built up waterfront, taking advantage of canal tourism. 

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