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  Most Central New Yorkers, including those who frequent downtown Syracuse, might not know there’s a 12-foot tall piece of history behind the Museum of Science and Technology…even if the intention was for it to be seen…

  We’re returning to the issue of Legionnaires' Disease today after the death toll in the recent New York City outbreak has risen.  There's also new Statewide action to reduce the threat.

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Residents staying at a Central New York rehabilitation and nursing center can now get the all-access treatment guests receive while staying at hotels. The Grand at Chittenango is implementing a unique mobile app and concierge service that allows guests to do everything from requesting room service to creating social calendars. Administrator Fredrick Deck says the program will help guests navigate the facility and stay connected with their families.

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  Syracuse University's Men's Football team began practice this weekend with a clear focus on looking forward not backward.  The team is coming off a 3-9 season in 2014.  That disappointment followed seasons in 2013 and 2012 that both ended in bowl victories.

In 2013, SU defeated Minnesota in the Texas Bowl to cap off a 7-6 season.  In 2012, the season ended with a Pinstripe Bowl victory over West Virginia for a record of 8-5.  

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  The Iran nuclear deal doesn't have the support of man in line to be the next Democratic leader in the Senate...New York's own Chuck Schumer.  His position  and his reasoning could be a factor if senate democrats decide to follow suit, making passage of the deal that much less certain.  Below is Schumer's entire Medium post released to the media.  

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  The solemn beat of a drum and a slow procession through downtown Syracuse Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Dozens of people of all ages joined the march, which snaked through downtown from Clinton Square to Everson Plaza during the lunch hour.  Long-time Syracuse Peace Council activist Diane Swords says the bombings might seem long ago and far away, the threat of nuclear proliferation continues to grow.

Much may be accomplished at Kellish Hill Music Farm's new amphitheater in Manlius on Aug. 15. 

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    The company heading the restoration of the former Hotel Syracuse knows many Central New Yorkers have stories about proms, holiday parties, weddings, and other events held at the historic landmark.  Now, they want to hear about those memories, along with any photos.  Hotel Syracuse Restoration Chief Financial Officer Al Gough says most will likely end up on the website  But he says some could become part of the new hotel.

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A name synonymous with Central New York’s chapter of the NYCLU for nearly 20 years has taken a new position with Onondaga County.  Lawmakers Tuesday confirmed Barrie Gewanter as the next executive director of the Onondaga County/Syracuse Commission on Human Rights.

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Imagine you’re barbecuing at the park with family and friends during Fourth of July weekend. The sun is beating at the back of your neck and right as the burgers barely start to sizzle on the grill, you hear a gun shot. Then another, and another.

Violence is no stranger to the streets of Syracuse; but after a crime spree over the Fourth of July weekend left 10 people shot and two dead, people have had enough.

Syracuse resident and parent Stephanie Dreher says the community needs to do a better job of coming together to raise their children.