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The twists and turns of the options to address the aging I-81 viaduct through Syracuse and what residents think or really desire is about to take center stage this Wednesday evening.  A public information forum will be held at Henninger High School with members of the State D-O-T and a local delegation of state elected officials to listen. 

Senator John DeFrancisco says there are members of the public who feel the options haven’t been considered in a comprehensive way.

“We understand what the DOT wants to do. But we really want to get points brought out in the public, and more importantly, questions answered as far as what is going to happen, and some think that other alternatives have to be explored.”

A former NASA administrator now holding the prestigious title of University Professor at Syracuse University is recalling John Glenn as a remarkable, iconic figure as both an astronaut and senator.  Sean O'Keefe frequently crossed paths with Glenn over their long careers in public service. 

But even before O'Keefe knew Glenn on a professional level, he remembers being awestruck as a young boy when Glenn made that historic first trip around earth in 1962. 

Repealing Obamacare Would Have Big Financial Consequences for New York

Dec 9, 2016

President elect Donald Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and replace it with something else. While no one really knows what that means, one health care analyst with a prominent Albany think tank says New York could be billions of dollars in the hole as a result.

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Central New Yorkers can expect better emergency medical care after a several hundred-thousand-dollar investment by American Medical Response. The company acquired Rural Metro last year and is now expanding Syracuse emergency medical service facilities and upgrading equipment.  AMR's East Region CEO Tom McEntee  says EMS improvements are not only AMR’s efforts but also from the support of other health care providers.

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Central New York walked away Thursday with just over $62 million  from the regional economic development awards, placing it midpack among regions across the state.  In all, the state awarded more than $700 million to 10 regions.  It’s the sixth year the state has used the formula in an effort to revitalize upstate’s economy.  The presentation was complete with a video highlighting each region’s emerging strengths. 

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A long term energy plan by the Cuomo Administration that includes a nearly $8 billion subsidy to two upstate nuclear power plants is being challenged from both ends of the political spectrum, and a lawsuit has been filed to try to stop the deal.

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Onondaga County’s Republican Elections Commissioner says she’d welcome many of the state attorney general’s proposals to improve voter access in New York.  This year’s presidential primary seemed to expose the shortcomings of the state’s restrictive voting laws.

Commissioner Helen Kiggins Walsh says most of the complaints to the board of elections in the weeks leading up to and on primary day were from voters who wanted to participate in the election…but couldn’t.

The focus on this 75th anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor was the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister.  But one Syracuse historian is making some comparisons to other U-S events.  S-U Maxwell School History Professor Alan Allport compares President Obama’s visit on the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan.

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A task force created in November to prioritize the next round of potential improvements to the state fairgrounds has less than a month to presents its recommendations to Governor Cuomo.

The State Fair brought in a record-breaking 1.1 million people this year thanks in part to a $50 million investment made last year.   The 21-member task force is considering expanding transportation options and addressing the configuration of the parking lots among other things.  Spokesperson Dave Bullard is looking forward to the possibilities.