The Muslim Chaplain at Syracuse University’s Hendricks Chapel says Muhammad Ali was one of history’s most influential and inspiring individuals who was strongly committed to bringing about change in the world.  WAER brings this perspective of a religious leader who says Ali lived the core values of Islam.  Dr. Ahmed Malik  says Muhammad Ali stepped out of the ring, so to speak, to serve all people.

  People interested in planes and aviation can climb inside many types of aircraft and see aerial demonstrations at the Syracuse International Air show this weekend.  They can also pay tribute to a Navy Blue Angels Stunt Pilot who died in an accident last week…and who was scheduled to fly here in Syracuse.  

New York State Begins its $10.4 Billion Commitment to Combat Homelessness

Jun 9, 2016
Housing and Homeless Coalition of Syracuse and Onondaga County

  What would it take to eliminate homelessness in Syracuse and across New York State? That’s the question Governor Cuomo hopes to answer with the launch of his Homelessness Action Plan. He pledged $10.4 billion during the State of the State address to fight homelessness over the next five years. Organizations in Syracuse will soon be submitting proposals for a share of those funds.

  What will the future hold for the Democratic Party after the primary results Tuesday that secured the nomination for Hillary Clinton? Colgate University Political Science Professor Tim Byrnes says in the coming weeks Bernie Sanders will face facts that he’s not going to be the party’s nominee.

Gov. Cuomo's flickr page

Until recently, Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, director of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute, has been the darling of the Cuomo administration. But now, he’s one of the figures at the center of federal and state investigations into alleged pay-to-play schemes for economic development projects, and is increasingly on the outs with the Cuomo Administration.  

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The summer travel season is just around the corner and Syracuse TSA officials want airline travelers to be prepared.  Federal Security Director of Upstate New York Bart Johnson shares some tips for a faster screening process.

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  A World War Two navy veteran in Syracuse who lost his son in Vietnam is closer than he’s ever been to getting his son’s name on the Vietnam memorial wall.  Senator Chuck Schumer has been doing his part, and paid a visit Monday to 91-year-old Larry Reilly at his home on Meadowbrook Drive. 

"Are you Larry?"  Schumer asked as he entered the house.

"Yes I am!"  Larry Reilly replied enthusiastically.

"It's an honor to meet you, an honor," Schumer said.

"Welcome to Syracuse," Reilly said.

NYS Police

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inspector general has found that numerous security and oversight problems at the state prison in Dannemora contributed to the prison break of two inmates last year.

  The June 6, 2015, escape of inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat from the Clinton Correctional Facility near Plattsburgh led to a massive three-week-long manhunt in which Matt was killed in an encounter with State Police and Sweat was shot and wounded and retaken into custody.

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Dozens of 5th and 6th graders from Syracuse City Schools took a break from the classroom Friday to practice their swing, run bases and also bump into the Major League Baseball Commissioner at Burnet Park.  Robert Manfred visited Syracuse today to celebrate the city's partnership with the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Program (RBI) to promote wider participation in baseball and softball programs.  RBI provides programmatic support from uniforms to coaches to training.    

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  Governor Cuomo was in town today to celebrate two local businesses’ plans to create and retain 450 jobs in Downtown Syracuse. The newly restored Hotel Syracuse was the backdrop for his remarks about the economic revitalization happening in Upstate New York State.

“Hotel Syracuse reborn, new advanced manufacturing high-tech companies locating in downtown Syracuse, who ten years ago would have been on the first plane to Austin, Texas or to South Carolina now locating here because they see the economic future.”