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Dr. Marvin Druger discusses how eyes vary in function in different types of species.

Hundreds of Fans Celebrate SU Women and Men Basketball Teams

Mar 30, 2016

Hundreds of orange-clad fans enthusiastically sent off the Syracuse University's men's and women's basketball teams before they depart, respectively, to Houston and Indianapolis to compete in NCAA's Final Four.

The students, families, and lifelong orange supporters gathered with Coach Boeheim and Coach Hillsman for the celebration at Manley Arena at noon.

"We’re not happy right now where we are. We are proud of what we have done, but we are looking forward to two more games and coming back here again one more time to celebrate," Coach Boeheim said. 

Cuomo says Minimum Wage Increase Will Include a "Pause"

Mar 30, 2016
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Governor Cuomo says his minimum wage proposal now includes a pause in the phase in to $15 after three years,  to reassess the health of the state’s economy.

In Cuomo’s  latest plan, the $15 an hour minimum wage would be fully phased in in three years in New York City. The phase in for Long Island and upstate would be longer.  And Cuomo says after the first three years, there would be a break  to analyze the effects of the wage hikes so far  on the economies of those regions.

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  More than 100 people turned out on Tuesday morning to learn how entrepreneurs are starting and growing businesses here in Syracuse.  Troy Evans is co-founder of Common Space –a downtown apartment development joining work and living areas.  The idea builds off of a business model Evans saw where small businesses shared the same space.

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Recovering addicts.  

A parent who lost a child to substance abuse.  

Onondaga County’s health commissioner.  

Drug counselors.  

Federal prosecutors.


  All will be on hand Wednesday evening for a substance abuse forum organized by three east side school districts.  It could be the first of many discussions on a growing epidemic.

Cuomo says "Parameters" of Budget Agreed Upon

Mar 29, 2016
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Governor Cuomo and Legislative leaders say they hope to have final agreements on the state budget by Tuesday evening, could possibly print bills into the night, and  begin voting on Thursday.  But by Tuesday afternoon they were still working on reaching final agreements.  

  Cuomo says he and legislative leaders have decided what issues will be included in the budget, like minimum wage and paid family leave, but he says key details are not yet finalized.

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  A group of students from Henninger High School delivered hundreds of signatures to state lawmakers' offices here in Syracuse Monday pushing for more school funding. The students think they might have a strong voice to push for change. 

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Marvin Druger examines the species of Fruit Flies

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Supporters and opponents of a $15 minimum wage in New York are blasting reports that Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers have reached a compromise that could stretch out the phase in period, and exempt farmers from the higher pay requirements.  

With the March 31 deadline looming, and the Easter holiday in between, Governor Cuomo and the Senate and Assembly are trying to negotiate a compromise on the governor’s proposal to phase in a $15 

  minimum wage for New York State.