Syracuse Press Club Awards
9:46 am
Sun May 4, 2014

WAER Awarded Best Newscast, Human Interest, Sports Show, News Feature, 5 others by Syr Press Club

Gabe Altieri (left) and Evan Weston honored for Best Sports Show

WAER was honored a total of 9 times at the Syracuse Press Club for work aired and published in 2013.  The event took place at Drumlins Saturday Night, covering radio, television, print, online, photography and graphics work.

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Town of Tyre, NY
2:56 pm
Thu May 1, 2014

Finger Lakes Group Trying to Stop State-Backed Casino Project

Some Finger Lakes Residents don't think this looks like a good place for a casino.

  A Finger Lakes community is trying to fight back against a proposed casino development.  The Town of Tyre, just north of Seneca Falls, has passed a local law to rezone a parcel of farmland in hopes that one of the state’s newly approved gambling resorts might be built there.  

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Vera House Clothesline Project
5:11 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

A Clothesline with Mixed Emotions and Hope for Healing

Vera House Clothesline
Credit John

The shirts hanging on several clotheslines in the Canyon Area of Destiny USA are unlike any you’ve ever seen before. They are filled with at least 300 messages, hand-drawn layouts telling the personal stories of sexual assault victims of all ages.

Listen to John Smith's story about the Vera House Clothesline Project.

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8:38 am
Wed April 30, 2014

A Trip to Chuck Hafner's Garden Center Colors Countless Yard Possibilities

Chuck Hafner's Garden Center
Credit Mark Bialczak

The nursery is so wide they've split the front sign into two installments.

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Former Ste Marie Site
4:56 pm
Tue April 29, 2014

Iroquois, Onondaga Nation Story Will Highlight New Museum; Directors Seek Your Input

Former Sainte Marie museum site will be re-purposed as the new Ska Nonh, Great Law of Peace Center
Credit Sainte Marie Facebook Page

  The former Saint Marie Among the Iroquois museum is in the midst of a re-birth as different kind of cultural home for the story of the Haudenosaunee.  

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Politics & Government
11:35 am
Tue April 29, 2014

CNY Groups Trying to Change Constitution for Fair Elections

Michael Messina-Yauchzy with Move to Amend and Jonah Minkoff-Zern, National Director of Public Citizen's Democracy is for People campaign, were both in Albany Monday lobbying for New York to join the move to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.
Credit Tony Cresswell.

  A group of Central New Yorkers joined a number of democracy groups in calling on state lawmakers to help limit the influence of money in politics.  

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SUNY Occupational Health Study
6:26 pm
Mon April 28, 2014

Limited Pay Just One Problem Facing Low-Wage Workers

Low-wage worker study uncovers many other risks, problems in workplaces.

For low-wage workers in Syracuse…dangerous working conditions, high turnover and the inability to raise any concerns are part of their day-to-day life. SUNY Upstate's Occupatio

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Senior Community Needs
12:45 pm
Sun April 27, 2014

Seniors Speak Out about Transportation, Nutrition, Lament Closed Downtown Senior Center

Common Councilor Nader Maroun moderates panel on senior needs in community
Credit Ashley Siu/WAER News

Public transport was one of many topics discussed at the Ida Benderson Seniors Action group forum where seniors addressed their needs. Drucilla Adams has a tough time walking up hills and has been affected by a change in bus routes.

“When there’s no bus, I can’t get there unless someone picks me up.  I’m concerned because I know it’s a university section but we still are in the area and we still need some transportation on the weekends.  I don’t go anywhere on weekends; I’m like in jail.” 

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Reaction to AG's Sanction
3:21 pm
Fri April 25, 2014

Advocates Applaud Bed, Bath & Beyond Fines for Denying Jobs to Those with Criminal Records

People getting out of Syracuse's Justice Center are supposed to be protected to at last be able to apply for jobs, but common practice often automatically excludes them.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Local advocates that try and help people get jobs after they’ve been convicted of crimes say the “Bed, Bath and Beyond” settlement this week could help.  New York’s Attorney General fined the national retailer for automatically excluding any job applicants with a criminal history, violating state labor laws.

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8:43 am
Fri April 25, 2014

Add Sun, Fun People and Sips of Red and White, Cayuga Lake Wine Trail Tour Sparkles

Goose Watch next to Cayuga Lake
Credit Mark Bialczak

Wine has never been my thing.

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