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  Think the roads in Onondaga County are terrible?  Well, they’re actually no better throughout the rest of the state.  Just about half of the county’s roads are rated either poor or in need of some repair or reconstruction, according to transportation research group TRIP.  Statewide that number is 47-percent, with only 44-percent of roads in good or excellent condition. According to TRIP, the general goal for state and local organizations which maintain road conditions is to have 75-percent of roads in at least good condition. 

Their report also estimates the county falls 6 million dollars short of funding necessary maintenance…and twice that much to really repair everything that’s faulty.  TRIP’s Rocky Moretti points out, putting off repairs costs taxpayers.

Keegan Tatum

  Bikers and Pedestrians might no longer feel they have dodge cars around the Syracuse University area after significant changes to a pair of major streets. 


The AJ Long era has officially begun.

With a pair of injured quarterbacks, Scott Shafer now turns to his third-string passer to try to end a four game losing streak, save Syracuse’s season and, possibly, save his own job. 

Syracuse couldn’t upset top-ranked Florida State last week, but Long impressed in his college debut.  The true freshman completed 16-of-27 passes for 167 yards against the Seminoles along with two touchdowns and two interceptions.  It was a rare bright spot for the Orange, who’s lost each of its last four games by at least ten points.

Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse has been chosen as one of eight hospitals across New York State to be  an Ebola treatment center.   It’s part of Governor Cuomo’s Ebola preparedness plan which he announced Thursday. Cuomo says he and the people of New York should not be surprised if a case of the virus occurred within the state.

It is a time of opportunity, and possibly confusion, for seniors and other Central New Yorkers on Medicare.  The annual election period got underway on Wednesday, October 15th. The enrollment period is an opportunity is to move to a Medicare Advantage plan that better fits your health and budget, and Universal American can offer plans and advice about selecting coverage.  Colleen Schmidt, Northeast President for Universal American, advises people in Syracuse to consider what health issues they might face.

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State Assemblymember Al Stirpe kneeled down near the steps of Syracuse City Hall Wednesday to add his signature to a ten point plan to assure Women’s Rights in New York.    It’s the same place where women’s rights advocates gathered in 1852 for a convention.  Stirpe previously voted in favor of the  Women’s Equality Act and is making it a part of his campaign platform.  He feels one of the ten points that is a hot button issue is really not about abortion.

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  It’s been a life of ups and downs, triumph and struggles for Jesse Saperstein.

“That’s the benefit of having a rough life.  You have a ton to write about so I was fortunately able to fill two books.”