Chris Bolt

News Director

Maybe I was destined for a career in radio when I built my first stereo receiver from a Heathkit box…then later spent time running wires over beer-stained floors for local bands in Colorado bars.  I remember becoming enamored with Public Radio's story-telling style covering an exiled music group that had come to Syracuse from El Salvador.  The piece involved interviewing through an interpreter and mixing in the music with a strongly-political story of death squads.  Over the next 23 years I’ve enjoyed covering the issues, people, events, challenges and accomplishments of Central New York. 

I came to Syracuse to finish a Broadcast Journalism degree at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School.  I’ve worked at WAER since 1990 and truly enjoy our mission of educating and engaging the community, while training aspiring journalists and broadcasters.  I’m passionate about the area’s lifestyle and efforts to improve its vitality.   When not on a story, in a studio or editing and mentoring students, I can probably be found outside.  I love Central New York’s natural areas and waterways, as well as golfing and biking opportunities.  

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  Syracuse's Tech Garden had a good problem on its hands - too many entrepreneurs who wanted to use the start-up space.  So Tuesday they announce an expansion.  Innovation Vice President Seth Mulligan at Centerstate CEO helps run the Tech Garden...he says they had a 24-month backlog of people wanting to get in.

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NEWS FEATURE ENTRY: "Lime Shortage in CNY has Roots in International Trade and Even Drug Cartels"  by Helena Battipaglia, reporter; Chris Bolt, editor.

NEWS FEATURE ENTRY:  "Nixon Anniversary Remembered by One Who was There" by John Smith

HUMAN INTEREST FEATURE ENTRY:  "Changing Youth Perceptions of once-polluted Onondaga Lake" by Sarah Brechbill.

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Jan 29, 2015

WAER Local Newscast @ 5:30...Scott Willis, Anchor; Carolyn Blackburne, reporter.

WAER Local Newscast @ 5:30, Oct 31st...Chris Bolt, Anchor

WAER Local Newscast @ 7:30 a.m., Aug 6...John Smith, Anchor

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SPORT STORY ENTRY: "2K Sports and The Wounded Warrior Project."  This piece was entirely produced, edited, and voiced by David Lauterbach.

SPORTS STORY ENTRY:  "Special Coaching Relationship" by Sam Hyman

SPORTS STORY ENTRY:   "Short History of 2-sport Athletes" by David Lauterbach

SPORTS SHOW ENTRY:  Sportsnight: Syracuse University Soccer Success by Dan Silverman and Bailey Lipschultz.

SPORTS SHOW ENTRY: "Countdown to Kickoff, pre-game show for Syracuse v. Notre Dame Football, Host Eric Gallanty, Sports Director Evan Weston

John Smith/WAER News

  Some Onondaga County residents took the morning off from work to be thrust into poverty; based on real-life situations… so they can make a difference.

More than 120 people were cast into the lives of 15 families and jam packed their one week schedule of challenges into 15 minute increments.  These aren’t professional  actors here but people taking part in the simulation took on realistic roles.

Karen Dewitt

  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will end his long reign as the head of the Assembly on Monday, say the Democratic members of the Assembly who announced they’ll hold a new election for Speaker on February 10th.

After two long days of closed door meetings, as Assembly Democrats reacted to the mounting fall out from Speaker Silver’s arrest on corruption charges, the Democrats now say Silver will leave his post on Monday.

  Central New Yorkers still looking for way to get health insurance through ObamaCare or Medicare might find some help at Kinney Drug Stores today and tomorrow.  Health Navigators will assist people through the New York State of Health exchange.

Elana Sukert / WAER

A mother in Syracuse’s Strathmore area is on a mission towards making things safer for her family and her neighborhood. In the summer and fall of 2014 Tracy Grimm’s son was attached and robbed twice while coming home from school thru Upper Onondaga Park. The first incident led to an arrest and conviction of the juvenile offenders. In the second incident no one was ever charged because the assailant could not be pinpointed in the crowd.

Central New York’s freshman congress member heard some things from President Obama that he thinks can get done in Washington, despite recent gridlock. But before considering any policy ideas, John Katko was a little taken by the moment of his first State of the Union Address.


  One of New York’s U-S Senators hopes to hear the President embrace one of her key issues in the State of the Union address tonight.  

Senator Gillibrand will be listening to the State of the union address to hear if President Obama is taking up here ongoing fight against campus sexual assault…which she says just isn’t being taken seriously.