Kevin Kloss

Content & Operations Manager

 I’ve always been enamored by the allure of radio. Maybe it was because my father worked in radio. Maybe it was the personal connection I felt with the hosts on the microphone. Whatever it was, I’ve been hooked on it for as long as I can remember. From Sports Talk, to Public Radio storytelling, to Alternative Rock I always found something different about each format that I appreciate. 

 As a student at Onondaga Community College in 2008 I had the opportunity to intern with Gomez and Dave on TK99 and I learned so much about the craft of putting together a successful morning show. I finished up my Radio Production degree at SUNY Fredonia, as an active member of their student radio program, hosting a weekly sports talk show.

 In 2011 I started working for the Mars Hill Network in Syracuse as their Morning Show Sports Announcer and ended up working as their Traffic Manager. Eventually I would transition into their Program Director and after nearly six years at the network I accepted a position with WAER. As someone who has enjoyed storytelling podcasts for years joining WAER has been a true pleasure. The opportunity to share stories from members of a community that has been my home for nearly my entire life was what drew me to WAER. 

  When I’m not poking around the radio station I enjoy taking day trips with my wife Chelsea and our son Jack.  

Ways to Connect

With Interstate 81 declared to have outlived it's useful life, there are some who see the future of the highway as an opportunity to make a difference in the staggering poverty crisis in the city. WAER’s Kijin Higashibaba looks back on the history of the highway to understand why.

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This week on Stage Right Radio Stephen Shepherd welcomes Abel Searor and Liam Fitzpatrick from the Baldwinsville Theatre Guild's 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Abel and Liam talk about how they prepared for their their production and Liam performs a song from the upcoming show.

Say the word Pittsburgh to a Syracuse basketball fan and it means much more than simply a city in Western Pennsylvania. It symbolizes an epic college basketball rivalry going back to the days of the Big East Conference.

This week on The Best of WAER Sports Podcast Meredith Kava and Drew Carter take a look back at the rivalry and also examine the current state of the Pittsburgh program.

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This week on Science on the Radio we visit Green Lakes State Park located in the Town of Manlius. As most CNY natives will attest, the park is strikingly scenic, and has an impressive golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones.

The park is also home to perhaps the most studied meromictic lake—one in which layers of water do not mix—in the world. You'll hear more about this wonderful state park, this week on Science on the Radio with Dr Marvin Druger.

Some things will never change in sports, one of those things is you can't win if you don't score points. Syracuse University Men's Basketball has struggled to do just that the past two seasons. WAER's Jack Patel explains some of the factors behind the recent struggle.

Also this week when SU left the Big East, they also left behind some of their biggest rivals. Now five years into ACC play who has stepped up as SU's biggest rival? WAER's Evan Stockton says the answer might just surprise you.

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These days you can get a brand new computer shipped directly to your house in a just a matter of days. The very first computer on the other hand, took 3 years to be built.

This week on Science on the Radio, Dr. Marvin Druger discusses the first electronic computer otherwise known as ENIAC.

You can hear Science on the Radio Wednesday nights at 8:35 on WAER.

Stage Right Radio is a bi-weekly program heard on WAER HD3 where host Stephen Shepherd goes behind the curtain of theatrical productions in the Syracuse area. This week Stephen is joined by Noelle Hedgcock, Liz Stanistreet, & Chris Lupia from the CNY Playhouse production of Boeing Boeing. 

The show features a brief bio on some of the cast, a short read through. and  Q&A. 

Any upcoming local productions interested in being on SRR should contact Stephen Shepherd at

This weekend we will say good bye to 2017 and welcome in a brand new year. And with that many of us will look to achieve new goals. Lose weight, travel outside the country, maybe even spend more time in the kitchen.


This week on Science on the Radio Dr. Marvin Druger is talking about the Drosophila, often known as the fruit fly. You have probably seen these little guys before as they as they typically boast a pale yellow to reddish brown to black exterior with red eyes.

They can be found in deserts, tropical rainforests, cities, swamps and alpine zones. And that's just the tip of it, Dr. Marvin Druger tell us much more about these curious little insects.

Like it or not conference realignment is a part of big time college athletics. In 2013 conference realignment sent ripples through the Big East as Syracuse, Connecticut and other schools parted ways with the conference.

Leaving a conference after so many years had schools like Syracuse and Connecticut wondering what life after the Big East would look like. WAER's Nate Dickinson examines the success and struggles for the two programs so far.