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Mark Bialczak has lived in Central New York for 30 years. He's well known for writing about music and entertainment.   In 2013, he started his own blog,, to comment about the many and various things that cross his mind daily. Mark will post a weekly column about life in and around Syracuse on

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The New York State Fair was never an early endeavor in these decades I've snaked my way through Syracuse to Geddes.

 My M.O. as music critic for the big daily was to get there in time to snag a good seat at Chevy Court for the afternoon concert. In the past couple summers of blogging here for WAER and at my own place,, I caught Grace Potter at the court and Train at the Grandstand, night shows both, and wandered through the buildings, too.

It's about time Kim Lembo is getting back to putting so much of her soul into her music.

The Regional Market on Park Street pulls in shoppers for many reasons.  That plot of parking lot punctuated by sheds that sits smack dab in the middle of Destiny USA, NBT Bank Stadium and the Regional Transportation Center is a hot spot on Saturday and Sunday mornings year round. The official hours are from 7 a.m. to p.m. those days. (And on Thursdays as well from May to November.) Try finding a parking spot on the weekend from, say, 10 a.m. to noon.

Our drive to Ostrom Avenue and Thornden Park is an annual summer must.

Much may be accomplished at Kellish Hill Music Farm's new amphitheater in Manlius on Aug. 15. 

Irv Lyons Jr. has nurtured the fest so close to his heart through its many stages, and he's sure the best is yet to come.

Pondering the M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest on the Monday after ...

At 5 p.m. Friday, the first notes of the 33rd edition of the M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest will depart from the instruments from the students that make up the city of Syracuse's Park & Rec All-Star Band and roll out over the campus of Onondaga Community College.

Come 9 o'clock Friday night, expect Clinton Square to be rocking.

I could guess it's because Francis Scott Key decided that the line "bombs bursting in air" needed to be in the verses of that poem he wrote that became our National Anthem that we've been fascinated with fireworks, this country of ours, so thoroughly and collectively.