Mark Bialczak

Digital Editor

Mark Bialczak has lived in Central New York for 30 years. He's well known for writing about music and entertainment.   In 2013, he started his own blog,, to comment about the many and various things that cross his mind daily. Mark will post a weekly column about life in and around Syracuse on

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Mark Bialczak

  There was a time, soon after my candy-collecting years were said and done, when  I pretty much forgot about Halloween.

Mark Bialczak

  Jimmy Heath says he's proud of his little brother.

When Syracuse University officials put the word out that game day Friday for the big Atlantic Coast Conference 2014 opener against Louisville was going to be marked by an Orange Out, I had hopes for something pretty cool in this city of ours.

Mark Bialczak

The phrase empty bowls can bring many sad images to mind, can't it?

Tom Honan

It was the perfect match, that snazzy little theater one turn and 25 steps from the main intersection in Cazenovia and the band leader from New York City who grew up in Fenner's farm land just four miles up the road.

Mark Bialczak

There's more than one day in Syracuse when everybody seems Irish, claims they are Irish, acts like they were Irish.

  There's nothing to do around here.

  I have been one fortunate golfer since moving to Syracuse the summer of 1983.

Mark Bialczak

The dusty trek around Geddes begins in earnest tomorrow.