$200K Worth of Heroin Found in Local Drug Raids; 14 Defendants Arrested

Aug 28, 2013

Packets of heroin seized in raids Wednesday
Credit Onondaga County Sheriff's Department

A special drug trafficking unit nabbed heroin in raids in Onondaga County worth around 200-thousand dollars.  Local Sheriff’s deputies worked with federal agents and state police to arrest 14 defendants and seize 20 ounces of the drug.  They say it was packaged in about 18-thousand packets for sale.  They also recovered cash and illegal hand guns. 


57-year-old Reinaldo Santos and 45-year-old Noemi Torres face the most serious charges of drug trafficking.  Authorities say they had a hidden compartment in their vehicle.  A D-E-A source says the number of people buying heroin on the streets has more than doubled in the last year.  Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputies worked with Syracuse police, New York State Police, Border Patrol, Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  The high intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force worked on the case for several months before making arrests Wednesday and executing several search warrants.