2014 Tax Tips (archive) on: Who Should File, Tax Help, E-file and more

Feb 19, 2014

TAX TIP #1:  Some of us gotta…and some of us wanna.  The reasons why you have to – or should – be filing a tax return.

TAX TIP #2:  Tax Filing Season can be a bit mysterious to many.  It can raise a lot of questions…but you have to solve one first.

TAX TIP #3: Some people dread tax time – finding receipts, collecting forms, THE MATH!  How about if we told you how to find a Tax Angel?

TAX TIP #4: When you think about Uncle Sam – you know the Government – you don’t think, “High Tech”.  We might just change your mind on a techie approach to your taxes.

TAX TIP #5: If you can get into the E-lectronic age for your income taxes.  You might just be E-lated by the results.