Athletic Director John Wildhack & Head Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim hold press conference

18 hours ago

Head coach Jim Boeheim and athletic director John Wildhack announce Mike Hopkins' departure as assistant coach of SU men's basketball team, releasing statements and addressing questions at a press conference Monday.

Men's basketball head coach Jim Boeheim and SU athletic director John Wildhack address the media in a press conference today, talking about the unexpected departure of assistant coach and head coach designate Mike Hopkins, who has been a part of Boeheim's staff for over 20 years. Hopkins took the head coaching job at the University of Washington on Sunday. The two speak of the future of the program, with Boeheim deciding to remain the coach of the team, but does not mention how long his contract will go. The coach did talk with excitement about next year's team, and being very eager to get back to work.