A Clothesline with Mixed Emotions and Hope for Healing

Apr 30, 2014

The shirts hanging on several clotheslines in the Canyon Area of Destiny USA are unlike any you’ve ever seen before. They are filled with at least 300 messages, hand-drawn layouts telling the personal stories of sexual assault victims of all ages.

Vera House Clothesline
Credit John

There are several that make a statement with direct words, “Don’t hit me” accented in pink, yellow, black and gold lettering. Vera House Educator Ginger Price says there’s no right or wrong when it comes to expressing the layouts on these shirts.

“It all depends on the survivor and what they’re feeling and where they are in their journey.  They say different things, and that’s ok. It depends on them; what they want to express.”

Credit John Smith/WAER News

Many of the shirts have an artistic flair and also tell a story that aren’t good.  One reads “Broken Boy;” puffy storm clouds appear above and a sketched teddy bear is crossed out.

“Some of the shirts we’ve had for a few years, others were made this year. We add to it every year and it’s a nice way to share what we do with the community.” – Vera House Educator Ginger Price

Credit John Smith/WAER News

Some of the shirts were also created by supporters of victims. The idea originated in Cape Cod by the Women’s Agenda in 1990. A clothesline was strung across the village green in Hyannis, MA. Now an estimated 300 similar Clothesline Projects are scattered across the country and internationally. The Vera House Clothesline will be on display in the Canyon area of Destiny USA through May 6th. For more about available services you may visit VeraHouse.org. Their 24 Hour Crisis and Support line is 468-3260.