CNY Veteran Presented with Long Lost Purple Heart Medal

Aug 5, 2014

A Central New York Vietnam veteran who lost his Purple Heart medal years ago had it returned Tuesday. 

Fellow Vietnam Veteran and former Onondaga County GOP Chairman John DeSpirito III presents Daniel Hunnicutt with his lost Purple Heart Medal.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

 Army Special Forces veteran Daniel Hunnicutt was presented with his original medal at a ceremony today in county legislature chambers.  

He lost the medal in Portland, Oregon, where he returned from Vietnam.  A contractor working on the back porch of a house discovered the medal in the dirt and took it to the local VA center.  After deciphering the name, it made its way back to Hunnicutt here in New York. 

Hunnicutt's medal.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

  Hunnicutt also earned Bronze and Silver Stars for his service.  The return of his Purple Heart medal coincides with a resolution approved by lawmakers designating Onondaga County a Purple Heart County, the 7th such county to adopt the distinction.   Thursday is also Purple Heart Day in New York State.