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3:16 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

Common Councilors Nix Plan to have Businesses Pay for Upkeep of Connective Corridor

With an overwhelming “no,” the Syracuse Common Council shot down a plan to have businesses along the Connective Corridor pay a special maintenance tax. 

Businesses spared extra tax for upkeep of Connective Corridor
Credit connectivecorridor.syr.edu

The council did not feel that small businesses should have to pay for the corridor’s upkeep.  Councilor Pat Hogan says the responsibility should fall on other institutions.

“The burden of this should be born on the people who championed for it. This should be Syracuse University which is the largest tax exempt institution in the county.  It should not be on the backs of the Liberty Deli and Franco’s and the other small businesses along the corridor that never had any kind of real input in this project.”


Councilor Pat Hogan further explains opposition to the Special Assessment District tax for Connective Corridor businesses


Hogan says some businesses can use that tax money to better assist the clients they serve.  Councilor Bob Dougherty was the only member to vote yes, and says that vote was a reluctant one.  He says turning down the plan doesn’t provide a solution.

“I just have no idea how this maintenance will get done on this for the next year.  And the fact that we are out of time because the tax bills had to go out, I am normally a person that says “Let’s meet, let’s come up with something,” but there is just no time left for that.

Councilor Bob Dougherty believes the issue will be revisited.

Both business owners and council members say they see this as a short-term decision for a problem that needs much more discussion.