6:45 pm
Thu August 29, 2013

Congressman Dan Maffei Visits Upstate Cancer Center Construction Site

Construction on the Upstate Cancer Research Center at University Hospital in Syracuse is rapidly taking shape. 

WAER’s John Smith speaks with Medical Director Leslie Kohman and Congressman Dan Maffei
Credit Darryl Geddes / Upstate University Medical Center

The center will have a variety of medical services in a centralized location.  Many services are already being offered, like a specialized psychologist, who works to help the emotional and psychological needs that cancer patients and families deal with, and an integrated medicine specialist, who advises patients on non-traditional therapies they may wish to add to their traditional treatment methods. 

Leslie Kohman, the Medical Director of the Upstate Center, mentioned a few of the alternative therapies offered:

Leslie Kohman mentions some additional therapies cancer patients may consider, including meditation, raki, yoga, dietary modifications, and exercise.

When the center opens, it will house a resource center with a trained medical librarian, a meditation room, a Cancer Center Chaplain, community space for support groups to provide for the needs of cancer patients and their families, and a Healing Garden space. In addition, a new state-of-the-art targeted radiation machine (only the third of its kind to exist in the United States), new capabilities for prostate cancer screenings, and a clinical trial and research laboratory serve as  major attractions for the facility.

Congressman Dan Maffei tours the Upstate Cancer Center’s construction site
Credit Darryl Geddes / Upstate Medical Center

Kohman took Congressman Dan Maffei on a tour of the construction site Thursday.  He sees a possible way that Federal government can help the center’s research.

Congressman Dan Maffei recommends a policy adjustment to grant facilities like the Upstate Cancer Center access to Social Security mortality records.

The Upstate Cancer Center is approaching its fundraising goal in its construction project, which is entirely self-funded, but still could use one final boost in donations.  The new building will open next summer.