Crowd of 200 or More at Syracuse Protest for Peace and Freedom for Palestinians

Jul 25, 2014

As many as 200 attended a protest over Israel's actions in the Middle East in the conflict with Palestinians.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Several hundred people held signs and emotionally chanted slogans in Downtown Syracuse Friday to free Palestinians and end the violence in Gaza.

 Mike Hamden was one of the organizers…he doesn’t have much faith in President Obama’s peace efforts because they’re one-sided.

“There’s no support whatsoever from the U-S administration for the Palestinians; there’s only (support) to Israel.  And we all know the billions of dollars go straight to the Israeli Army.” 

People from a number of groups, including Peace and Jewish organizations too part in protest at Washington and Clinton streets in Syracuse.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  The gathering also included Jews appalled at the actions of Israel, especially in the most recent attacks.  Ariel Gold with Jewish voice for peace joined a demand to Washington.

“We demand that our senators discontinue aid to Israel.  We demand an end to the siege on Gaza and an end to the occupation.” 

Spurred by the ongoing violence, many mid-eastern families showed up with children, flags and the message not only about a cease fire, but long term peace.  They’re calling for a free Palestine.  Carol Resnick is also Jewish and compares the blockade of the Palestinian areas with Nazi policies she grew up to fear.  She believes the international community should pressure Israel to change.

The protest included people from a wide range of ages, including some entire families.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  “The campaign urges the boycott of products and companies that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, divestment of financial interests in corporations that profit from the occupation and sanctions to penalize Israel economically for its policies in violation of human rights and international law.”

The protest took place just hours after the Israeli cabinet unanimously rejected a cease fire proposal.