David Renz Pleads Guilty on Child Pornography Charges

Oct 4, 2013

David Renz in court Friday on child pornography charges

Convicted murderer and rapist David Renz pleaded guilty today to six different child pornography charges.  These are the crimes for which he was accused - and under house arrest - when he killed Lori Bresnahan and reaped a 10-year-old child. 

The case drew national attention in part because Renz had an ankle monitoring device to make sure he stayed at home.  But he was able to slip out of it, without a response from probation monitors the night he committed the murder and rape.

The plea means he admitted to having as many as 500 video files and 3000 images on his computer of child pornography.  He also admitted to having more images and videos on DVDs and CDs.  Both the computer and the discs were seized from his residence.

Friday he pled guilty to one county of receiving child pornography, as well as five separate counts of possessing the material.  Renz has a sentencing date of February 2014, though he's already facing a sentence of life without parole for the murder of Bresnahan and the rape of the child.   He already pled guilty to those crimes.

 Renz' arrest was part of the FBI's Project Safe Childhood to locate, apprehend and prosecute those who exploit children using the internet.