Day 3 of Canal Ride: Different Types of Communities, While Riders Face Stiffest Test

Jul 9, 2013

The third day on the Cycling the Erie Canal ride had the trail veer away from the canal waterway.  As reported earlier, Parks and Trails New York and the other entities promoting the Canalway Trail would like to close gaps in the trail, so riders, hikers and other people seeking recreation could have a contiguous trail.  The ride started in Pittsford, just a few miles off the canal, then headed along the waterway past several working locks.  Some communities such as Fairport and Seneca Falls (see pictures) in Tuesday's itinerary have built up waterfront, taking advantage of canal tourism.  Others (see pictures in slide show),that show how the canal is a commercial corridor along with the recreational appeal. 


The third day of the journey also proved the longest so far, covering 60 miles.  A number of riders started to show the effects.  For some it was simply the third day on the bike, covering a lot of terrain.  For others sunshine that emerged late morning, plus the first rolling hills of the tour, proved taxing

Yet, families with teens and younger children made it through.  Riders aged into the 70s and 80s also managed the leg.  The distance and the test spaced out the 500 riders perhaps more than other days. 

Tuesday ended once again with an intense thunderstorm and downpour, after most had tents up, though many go trapped in those tents as the storm passed.  Syracuse is the next stop on the trip, 160 miles down, 240 to go.