East Syracuse "Guest House" Aims to Fill Gaps in Services from Education to Job Training

Nov 8, 2017

The living room of the Guest House at 722 W. Manlius St. E. Syracuse.
Credit John Smith / WAER News

PEACE Inc. has a new community center in East Syracuse to offer assistance to families and individuals with the services they may need.  The Guest-House is not a home you stay in, but its appearance makes it feel like one. 

"This location just has a warm glow to it that draws people in.  The Guest House is used for parties, office space, say if you needed a one day office in the community.” 

That’s Coordinator Denise Vanderpool.  She explains the reasons for stepping in the door might vary for each individual.  The Guest-House can act as a gathering place for meetings and celebrations or place to seek support or services.

Coordinator Denise Vanderpool says the Guest House can serve many purposes.
Credit John Smith / WAER News

"You shouldn't have to feel bad if you need a little hand-up or some type of help, because at one point in our lives, we may all need additional services to help us bridge the gap.”  

Vanderpool knows there’s a great need in the East Syracuse Community.  PEACE Inc. focuses on teaching individuals to become self-sustaining for themselves and their families.  She wants people without jobs to know they can receive job skills training and resume development.

"I try to empower them.  If you're looking for work, I'll help you look for work.  I'll take you to services that can hopefully sharpen your skills to get a job.  Whatever the desire is in your heart, you should be able have that, or work toward those goals, if it's education.  You'd be surprised I even meet people today who can’t read.” 

Vanderpool realizes there’s also people feeling down and out or don’t have a place to stay.  She says that’s when she strives to empower them to get back on their feet.  They also offer a sick and shut-in program to reach those who can’t visit them.  They’re located at 722 West Manlius Street in East Syracuse.

Credit John Smith / WAER News