Families with an Autistic Relative Could Find New Treatments & Services with New State Law

Jan 27, 2014

  Parents in New York with autistic children might now have an easier time getting important treatment and therapy.  

A new state law will make autism services more available and more affordable.  Robert Myers, who directs the Kelberman Autism Treatment Center in Utica, says earlier this month a major step forward was taken.

“What we think is the last piece of legislation passed, which will allow practitioners in the autism community to bill insurance companies for work provided to primarily children with autism, but adults are also eligible.”

The state will create a board to certify autism practitioners.  That means insurance companies will have a standardized way of covering costs. Before, insurance companies wouldn’t reimburse for autism treatments in New York because there wasn’t any uniform licensing system.  It should also increase analysis of how people with autism learn, so they can better improve reading, writing and social skills.

“So the service hasn’t been widely available because there hasn’t really been any way to pay for it.  And now with this new law, families and individuals will be able to access the service and have their insurance companies pay for it.”

Myers predicted that the new law will result in a greater variety of services offered in New York.  In Syracuse there is the Central New York Chapter of the Autism Society of America.