Fayetteville Bridge Dedication Means Much More Than Just Getting Over the Creek

Jul 1, 2013

New Bridge at Canal Landing Park was beneficiary of Regional Economic Development Grants
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

Fayetteville residents and visitors can use a new bridge dedicated today to gain access to nature walks, fishing, biking trails, other recreation and nature. 

Two of the people who participated in the ribbon cutting of the bridge over limestone creek pointed out what it can mean.  John Robinson has stunted legs and short arms with no hands…yet he and others are bicycling the entire Erie Canal.  Using a special bike he pedals with his arms, Robinson wants to show ability and perseverance.

John Robinson, President of Our Ability, Inc., helps dedicate new bridge, lauding the access it provides for people of all abilities.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

“And the reason we do this is adaptive sport is really important to our internal psyche and our ability.  It’s all because we want to show New York State and people with disabilities that there’s a path toward education and employment.  And our little journey here, Doug and I are really trying to inspire family members of people with disabilities, people with disabilities themselves, that your employment and your education and your sporting ability are so very important.” 

Robinson is president of “Our Ability” , a disability advocacy group and says this kind of project opens up possibilities. 


The bridge was paid for in-part by grants totaling 300-thousand dollars  that came through the Regional Economic Development Council.  Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson is seeing what that investment can mean for quality of life.

"People were running today, people were walking today, people were fishing yesterday.  This park has really turned out to be one of the blessings in Fayetteville and it wouldn’t be possible without a lot of help."

Olson hopes to get some help for the next phase of the Canal Landing Park from the next round of Regional Economic Development grants, just approved by Albany.