First Finding of EEE Virus in 2 Years Prompts Mosquito Spraying in Onondaga County

Aug 22, 2013

Onondaga County is planning to spray for mosquitoes after the first finding of the Triple E virus in two years.  Mosquito pools in the Cicero swamp area came back positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis earlier this month. 

EEE virus identified in mosquito pools in Onondaga County


Health Commissioner Doctor Cynthia Morrow says that – coupled with relative swarms of mosquitoes – went into the decision to spray.

“And our number of mosquitoes in our traps is about ten times what it was this time last year.  And that’s another reason why we’re making the decision to spray.  We really want to try to reduce the risk by de-amplifying the mosquito population.”

Morrow has concerns…even though the disease is extremely rare.

“We certainly don’t expect anybody to get it, but it can affect anyone.  Just because children are more likely to get it and elderly people are more likely to get it doesn’t mean people who are middle age, young are immune to it.  So it’s really important for everybody to use this as an opportunity to increase awareness and to protect themselves.”

She also notes a lot of people are coming into the community, with the state fair and colleges starting. 


Director of Environmental Health Assessment Lisa Letteney advises people to avoid the spray.

“People that are in the spray area should keep their windows closed for an hour after the spray.  They can use their air conditioning, just have it circulate inside air.  Make sure you bring all the kids’ toys inside before the spraying.  If they’re left outside you can wash them with soap and water.  Cover gardens and make sure that you do rinse the vegetables before you eat them.” 

The spraying area will be from Route 31 south to Taft Road, between Northern Boulevard and Chittenango Creek.  The map for spraying and information about the chemical used are on the health department’s website…