Follow This Design to Find Syracuse's Creekwalk

Oct 11, 2013

Logo selected for Onondaga Creekwalk
Credit City of Syracuse

A logo has been selected through online voting to help joggers, bicyclists, walkers with strollers and others to the Onondaga Creekwalk.  The design was selected out of three that were put up on a website.  It will be put on dozens of signs the mark the path of the Creekwalk and directions to it.

The designs were all created by classes in Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts.  Voting took place between October 2nd and 9th. 

The Creekwalk runs from Armory Square to the short of Onondaga Lake.  At times it hugs the shore of the creek, while at others it runs along city streets and paved pathways to skirt parking garages and other structures.  The city has a webpage with accurate directions and warnings about detours due to construction.  People should start seeing the new logo on signs in the Spring.