Forecaster says Central New York on Track for a More Seasonable Weather Pattern

Jun 7, 2017

Central New York has been getting more than its fair share of cool temperatures and rain this spring.  So, we checked in with the National Weather Service to see what’s going on?  If you think that you’ve been missing the sunshine, Meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Binghamton can relate.  Brian Tenninger says they can’t recall a long stretch of sunny days since May.

An early morning sunrise from Syracuse University.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

“It’s been an extended period of cloudy, cool and rain.  Everybody’s kind of chomping at the bit to get this out of here and move into a real summer.”

And every time we try to mow our lawn or go to do something outdoors it seems more rain arrives.  Tenninger says that forecast models indicate conditions should be improving.

“Looks like the pattern will settle down a little bit and get a kind of pattern that’s more conducive to warmer temperatures and go in the latter part of June at least.  I think by July we’ll start to see more typical summer-like conditions.”

Credit John Smith/WAER News

So are we above average from rainfall with April showers that really never quit?

“Syracuse has received about 23 inches of rain.  Normally, from January 1st  through this time it’s only about 14.5 inches.  So, we’re about 8.5 inches above normal… and this is precipitation, this is snow and rain and everything.”

Daytime temperatures in the Syracuse area are expected to rise into the 70's over the next couple of days and into the upper 80’s on Sunday.  By next Monday, we’re talking serious beach weather with a hi of 90 degrees!