Former Elephant Yard will now host shows and displays at County Zoo

Jun 5, 2013

Crowds will be able to gather at a new show and display area at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.
Credit John Smith

Visitors to the Rosamond Gifford zoo have a new display to discover. The Zoo unveiled an Animal Encounter amphitheater and show yard today in the old elephant exhibit

 that can be used for various shows and different animal demonstrations. In the past, holding shows for larger audiences was a challenge. With the new attraction in place, that won’t be a problem for Zoo Director Ted Fox who says spectators will be able to move closer to the action.

This low fence line is so engaging it’s almost like there’s no barrier there for our visitors, and when we have from as large as the elephant down to you know our llama and our opossum and rabbits and the birds of prey and our parrots will all be a good place to showcase them.”

The amphitheater will be able to seat more than 100 guests, with designated areas for wheelchairs and strollers.  Many other improvements to the park are also being made, all thanks to the collaborative effort of Friends of the Zoo and private donors.  Approximately $ 1.7 million was raised to help bring this attraction to life. Friends of the Zoo President Janet Agostini says this wouldn’t have happened without the community’s support.

this is really the communities zoo and they  can support it through friends of the zoo and that is vitally important it’s a public park deserving of private support and the community has really rallied around us “

The Zoo is open daily from 10 a-m to 4-30 p.m. More information is at