Gala for Syracuse Housing Authority Celebrates Home and Assistance to Help Residents

Mar 28, 2014

This newly constructed home in Syracuse might not look like public housing...but it is. Listen to Shondar Byrd's story.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  The Syracuse Housing Authority is marking its 75th year, reflecting back as one of the oldest and largest per-capita housing agencies in the nation.  SHA Executive Director Bill Simmons hopes to use the event to raise money for educational and vocational opportunities that might help end generational poverty for his residents.

WAER's Chris Bolt reports the upcoming "Milestone Gala" will focus on tenants past and present, as well as the changes in public housing.

SHA provides this space for the Somali Bantu Community Association. Hear Omar Ahmed's involvement.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News


Some SHA hosing goes back to 1938, just 3 years after the agency was created by the Common Council.  Click here for a brief history and tour.

The Syracuse Housing Authority is turning 75...and has a celebration planned for next week.  Like many agencies, the S-H-A is trying to do more with less...and WAER's Chris Bolt reports that challenge is exacerbated by a growing diversity of residents and mission.

Charles Todd Eastwood Heights is a Syracuse Housing Authority residence for mainly's also Laresha Boyd's path to a new future through a job there.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

The Syracuse Housing Authority's 75th Milestone Gala takes place April 4th at the Oncenter.  Information is at