Gannon's Isle opens new Downtown ice cream store.

May 13, 2013

There’s some more flavor being added to the redevelopment of Downtown Syracuse.  This time it’s a store that one business hopes will get “lots of licks”. 

A new Ice Cream store in Downtown Syracuse opens.
Credit John Smith / WAER

Gannon's Isle Ice Cream stores... they’re known for their loud colors and there is a correlation between the colors and the flavors.  Just ask little Abbey, she’s dressed in pink and she’s having?  “Uhhhh, Strawberry”.  You might recall ice cream carts throughout downtown last summer.  Owner Eileen Gannon says that convinced her to open a downtown location, “And we got a great response and we said... a bricks and mortar place, I think it’ll work”. 

Shaking the dust of the old Dey’s Building has been Bob Doucette’s job from Paramount Realty Group.  He believes with the redevelopment of more downtown buildings along Salina Street, more people will be visiting, “Stores and shops and businesses and offices and residents bring life to the city streets.  That’s what’s important.  That’s what cities are all about; cities are about bringing people together”. 

As the store construction process took shape, Larry Haley brought back some of the past, “That window is part of the original building and that was covered over by a drop ceiling.  So this whole front area we opened up to the original”.  The latest Gannon’s location here on Jefferson Street is the third.  They had their soft opening, Sunday and it went well.