Green Party Officials Ride Trikes and Register Voters

Sep 24, 2013

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

The Green Party took advantage of the beautiful fall weather, and rode around the city on a trike registering people to vote. The party used National Voter Registration Day as an opportunity to make sure people were registered to vote, and to spread the word about the Green Party.

Green Party Secretary Ursula Rozum also saw this as an opportunity to let people know about the  Green Party's slate of candidates. S he said it is harder for green party candidates to get their message out, especially when there are no debates scheduled.

Three candidates are running for the green party in local elections this year. These include, Mayoral Candidate Kevin Bott, Commissioner of Education Candidate Barbra Humphrey, and Howie Hawkins, who is running for common council in the 4th district. Hawkins ran for the same seat in 2011, and won 48% of the vote.

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Rozum stressed the importance of local elections, even though they historically get much less of a turnout then national elections. According to Rozum, less than 20% of eligible voters came out to the polls in 2011.

She said local elections have more of an effect on your everyday life than national elections, and hopes they can register more voters and bring more people to the polls on November 5th.