Greening USA Seeks to Bring Groups Together Around Sustainability Goals at Annual Meeting

May 6, 2016

Alternative energy choices are among the issues that can create economic and environmental benefits.

  Central New York has a number of environmental groups working on a range of issues, from climate change to alternative energy, pollution in the environment to solid waste reduction, green building to alternative transportation.  The group plans to use its annual meeting Thursday, May 12th, to try and do some speed dating and see if groups might have more impact by working together.

WAER News Director Chris Bolt Moderates Greening CNY Workshop May 12th

  The special program will be titled Greening CNY: Sprouting New Synergies 2.0.  Attendees will take part in brainstorming sessions that will allow them to share their personal perspectives or those of a group in which they're involved.  From half-a-dozen or more discussions, ideas can emerge to identify actions or project on which groups and individuals can work together.  

Sustainability leaders from all sectors of the green spectrum have been invited to discuss their work, assess local needs, and propose ideas for projects and collaborations.  

Greening USA has a sustainability assessment for communities and organizations that can guide development  efforts.  The annual meeting, May 12th 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. takes place at the Jewish Community Center and  includes Greening USA's Sustainability Awards Program.  People can still sign up for the breakfast and program to follow at