Hanging Flowers add Beauty to Downtown Syracuse

May 27, 2015


Hanging flowers were spread around Hanover Square.
Credit Rob Romano/WAER News

     Downtown Syracuse is already in bloom for summer this year. More than 330 hanging flower baskets are dressing up city streets in Clinton Square, Armory Square, and even near the fountain at Hanover Square

You’ll notice them hanging from the city’s ornamental lamp posts. The 5th annual Flower Baskets program is sponsored by the Downtown Committee of Syracuse and 30 other local businesses. Spokesperson Alice Maggiore says the flowers are a sign of a livelier downtown.

 “We have sort of seen them become this sign of vibrancy. And this visible sign of resilience, and this visible things that people look forward to seeing. Just like it brightens up the downtown streets it tends to brighten people’s day”                    

  Edward Koolakian has been in business for 45 years at his menswear store on East Genesee Street. He says the flowers are simply inviting.

 “The flowers add a lot of color and I think it brings people’s spirits to another level. Does it bring a lot of business? I don’t think people come down to look at flowers but I think if they are in the area they see them, they’ll enjoy it. Especially out here there is seating and maybe shop and get something to eat at one of the restaurants. It adds to the ambiance of downtown”

The flowers are pretty but they come at a price. Maintaining the flower baskets costs between 25 and 30-thousand dollars. To sponsor a basket, just click here

Hanging flowers were also placed on Salina Street.
Credit Rob Romano/WAER News