Health, Labor, Civic Groups Join Mayor Miner to Push for Health Reform Before Repeal

Jan 19, 2017

Mayor Miner joined civic, labor and health groups to call on Congress not to repeal health care law without a replacement.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Several Central New York health, labor and civic groups joined Mayor Stephanie Miner Thursday to warn against a huge interruption of health care.  They want to make sure before congress repeals the Affordable Care Act, there’s a replacement in place.  A big part of their message is that many things are impacted if people lose insurance.  Miner highlights some of the concerns she’s heard.

“Families and teachers in the school district that talk about the fact that ObamaCare has allowed them to make sure that those children get vaccines and health care and the coverage that they need, to make sure that they can focus on learning, not focus on their sickness.”  

About 40 people gathered at the Southwest Community Center for the rally, organized by the SEIU 1199.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

Some of the guarantees mandated by ObamaCare are also important to the groups.  Tatiana Parker has worked in the insurance industry.  She recalls before the law, heart-breaking interactions with people, like one expectant mother.

“She called us to get a policy, and I had to tell her that because she had seen her doctor for her pregnancy within the last 6 months that her pregnancy was now a pre-existing condition, and would not be covered over the next 18 months.  So these are people’s lives now; these are future lives and we have to do everything we can possibly do to make sure they have the best possible outcomes.”

The groups call their movement “Care, not Chaos.”   SEIU 1199 United Healthcare Workers helped organize Thursday's rally.  Vice president Kevin Lockhart says any replacement has to meet certain goals.

Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

“Provide coverage for 22 million that have gained it, make sure that nobody lose coverage;  guarantee access to those with pre-existing conditions.  We’ve got to have that as part of the health care system going forward.  And also provide adequate Medicaid funding to the states to maintain affordable coverage and provide long-term care services for seniors and people with disabilities.”

About 40 people turned out to the rally, holding signs that say “Care not Chaos” and “Show us your Plan”.  They offer a number to call congress to support their call to make sure a replacement is in place before any repeal.  It’s 866-426-2631 … or for those on social media to use #CareNotChaos.  The groups pledged to continue their push as a new President and Congress take up the issue.