Healthy You Center Hopes to Create Healthy Community

Feb 10, 2014

New health center inside Kinney Drug Store
Credit Jennie May/WAER News

  A new kind of medical center opened today inside of a drugstore hoping to fill a growing gap in the health care system. It’s called Healthy You Wellness Center and it’s located inside Kinney Drugs on East Seneca Turnpike. 

Pulmonologist, Doctor Thomas Aiello says it will accept patients that have been discharged from a hospital with pulmonary diseases and ongoing problems…

 “If they come into this setting, we want to make sure they understand their disease process that they’re improving, that they have the appropriate medications, that they use those medications appropriately, and have all of the other resources necessary to keep them away from an urgent care, emergency department, or a hospital.”

Aiello says this is not urgent care or an ER but a disease management center. Aiello and his team are able to treat acute respiratory illnesses to chronic disease state management including COPD, cold symptoms, allergy problems and more. 

Ribbon cutting Monday for Healthy You Wellness Center
Credit Jennie May/WAER News

  Kinney Drugs Vice President of Business Development Mike Duteau hopes to help the growing concern over access to healthcare.

 “We expect the problem to only worsen as millions of more patients gain medical coverage under the affordable care act without the corresponding increase in physicians available to treat them. And while the concept of a retail clinic within a drug store is not new, what we offer here with the Healthy You Wellness Center certainly is.”  

The Healthy You Wellness Center is a collaboration between the Pulmonary Health Physicians, Kinney Drugs, St. Joseph's Hospital, and Franciscan Companies. For now it will be open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on the corner of East Seneca Turnpike and Brighton Ave.