Free Jazz Concerts
2:33 pm
Tue July 23, 2013

Jazz In The City Series Plans Two Concerts for August

The BlackLites perform at the first Jazz in the City concert Aug 1.

The 12th Annual Jazz in the City is just around the corner for city neighborhoods.  Producer Steve Becker made the announcement Tuesday. 

He says the music has really brought the people together.  Audience response in the past is the reason one local favorite group is coming back.

"The kick-off concert with the Blacklites has become a tradition now.  They used to open up and we'd have a headliner come in.  It was funny because, people enjoy the headliner, but they were coming out for the Blacklites.  So the last few years we decided, o-k, we'll just make the Blacklites the headliner and they're bringing out 2-3 thousand people on a nice Thursday night."

MUSIC: Hear the BlackLites perform at the Jazz in the City press event Tuesday morning.

Neighborhood kids get to play onstage with musicians during the Jazz in the City concerts.

The first kick-off  concert with the BlackLites happens at Dunk and Bright outside August 1st. at 7:00 p.m.  The next concert will be held August 15th during the Near West Side Multi-Cultural Block party at Skiddy park with Groupo Pagan and special guest Smooth Saxophonist Will Horton from Buffalo.  Jazz in the City is being supported this year by Rural Metro.