Lawmakers Flex Veto Power. Syracuse Property Taxes to Increase 1.5 Percent

May 30, 2014

Syracuse homeowners will be paying 1.5 percent more on their upcoming city tax bills in July.  The Syracuse Common Council approved the measure today to override Mayor Stephanie Miner’s spending veto. 

Syracuse Common Councilor Kathleen Joy talks about why lawmakers decided to spend more money.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

That means an extra $12 dollars a year for homes assessed at $90,000 dollars. Councilor Kathleen Joy hopes the additional $500,ooo in tax revenue will address critical infrastructure needs.

“As we put a budget together, it’s based on the public meetings we have. The people that come forward that say help us with our streets, help us with our roads, help us with our lifeguards.  Help us function as a community and move forward !  We can’t just keep cutting, we have to raise revenues.  We have to look at our spending priorities and that’s what the Common Council does.”

The increase stays within the State’s two percent property tax cap and that means homeowners will get a $30 tax rebate.  Joy says the city budget that lawmakers approved was not a political statement but rather a need to deliver critical services the community expects.