Local Artists Among Those from 25 States at Downtown Arts And Crafts Festival

Jul 25, 2013

The Syracuse Arts and Crafts festival returns to downtown Syracuse Friday for three days and features many different types of artists, craftspeople and live entertainment acts. 

Elizabeth Andrews uses copper etchings to tell stories that speak to people in ways words can’t.

I try to create my etchings to look like a page from turn-of-the century books. They have this old look to them but I think that is intrinsically the etching process.”

She turned to etching when she realized she could create an image over and over without any one looking just like the last.

Each time I watercolor them, they look a little bit different but this way everyone gets an original piece of work it is not a reproduction. These are original pieces of art.”

Customers browse vendors at the 2012 Arts and Crafts Festival.
Credit Syracuse Downtown Committee

Andrews has been part of the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival for about 15 years.  She says the festival is appealing because it offers many mediums and a wide variety of art for any taste. Sharon Bottle Souva will be selling quilts this weekend, and says the festival offers her a chance to teach people about what she does.

“I don’t make quilts for the bed. I make them for the wall to decorate and liven up the home.  So the show gives me a stage to educate people."

Souva also makes landscape collages out of tissue paper and various fabrics.

Elizabeth Andrews says the ultimate reason to attend the festival downtown this weekend is to personally support the artists.

"Everybody should have original artwork in their home," she says. "It’s inspiring. And it definitely helps support the arts. That’s how we continue to be able to create, by people supporting our work.”

The Downtown Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival show is Friday, July 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Columbus Circle.