Local Band Explores the Pop Side of Jazz Music

May 10, 2013

Jazz is one of those music genres that divides listeners into 3 basic categories: enthusiasts, acceptors, and avoiders.  Enthusiasts are those that are passionate about the music and it's history.  Acceptors might not necessarily know what they are listening to but often enjoy and accept what they are hearing.  Avoiders...well they need no definition.  The latest incarnation of the Bill Horrace and Dave Solazzo Experience attempts to bridge some gaps between enthusiast and acceptor and perhaps snag an avoider or two.
Dave Solazzo & Bill Horrace

Dubbed Lemon Elefant, the group adapts modern pop/rock tunes into instrumentals that appeal to the jazz and non-jazz fan alike.  Band Leader Bill Horrace says, "We've always played both pop tunes and jazz standards, but the pop tunes are more exciting for us, because they are less explored than the standards. They are simply fresher. Also, more people recognize tunes from the last decade, so the pop helps us connect with audiences. If it's more fun for us and the listener, why not move the repertoire in this new direction?"

With Bill on Bass and Dave Solazzo on piano, Lemon Elefant will incorporate drummers of various styles including rock, funk and hip-hop.  The band takes on such pop tunes as Bitter Sweet Symphony, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Clocks by super group Coldplay. If you count yourself among enthusiasts, acceptors or avoiders, catch the band around town some day and see if their new venure works for you. You'll find them in familiar stomping grounds like Sitrus, Bistro Elephant, Phoebe's and the Flatiron Room.  Consult the WAER events calendar for a gig coming up soon.  For now, enjoy their performance of Clocks here.