Local Syracuse Republican is Running Against Democratic Incumbent for City Council Seat

Apr 18, 2017

A Republican intends to challenge a two-time incumbent Democrat for the City Council’s 2nd District seat.  Edward Ott of Syracuse is challenging Councilor Chad Ryan.  As a driver for a wheelchair transport service, Ott feels his job brings “street-level perspective” to his campaign.  It’s something he feels that most city lawmakers never see, especially if they hold office jobs.

Republican Edward Ott is seeking the 2nd District Syracuse Common Council seat.
Credit John Smith / WAER News

He says that people in the district have expressed issues with crime, the Father’s Day Riot last summer and other items they’re concerned about.

“A lot of problems with lack of economic opportunities, abandoned houses. Things of that nature.  As well as a lack of a constituent response from their Councilor.”

He’s referring there to Councilor Chad Ryan.  Ott feels that City Lawmakers on the whole haven’t been attentive enough to their constituents.  He claims they operate with what he calls a “we know what’s good for you” approach.

“If I did some of the things and had the kind of attitude that has been permeating through the Common Council for the last several years, I would have been fired by now.  Because the business that I work for is customer service based.  If they have a problem, we’re supposed to serve them."  

Ott feels the suggestion in the Consensus report to create a metropolitan government is not a good idea.  He feels the chances of residents being able to reach elected officials would be far less likely.

“Instead of going to your local councilor or your councilor at Large, you would have to go over and find which Legislator you have.  It would be less attention there because of the more people that they would be having to serve.”

Ott also thinks he could help to usher-in economic prosperity to city residents struggling to rise above poverty.  He presently serves as the Sergeant-at-Arms at the East Syracuse American Legion Post 1276 and is in charge of game day operations for the Syracuse Stars Junior Hockey Club.