A Look Into Camillus Ridge Terrace During Assisted Living Month

Sep 17, 2013

As you walk into the main lobby of Camillus Ridge Terrace, you’re immediately drawn to the view of a hallway with exterior facades of buildings. They have bright, pastel colored siding and windows.  A peek inside reveal’s a beauty and barber shop and an old-fashioned Ice Cream Parlor.  The neon lighting is reflected with a silver wall border.  It’s a home away from home atmosphere that Administrator Josh Santiago says they strive to create.  But the decision to live there or other facilities like it is not an easy one for residents or their families.

“If I had all this independence, I was driving all these years, I lived in my own home for 50 years, and now someone is telling me that I need assisted living care I would be hesitant. However, the one thing I say from what I do for a living is that the assisted living environment is as close to home as you could possible want and have for the senior population.”

One of the most popular gathering spots at Camillus Ridge, according to Santiago, is Yesterday’s Café… the ice cream shop.  Residents here are listening to a presentation of topical news.

Resident Elizabeth Wild enjoys spending time with friends during these presentations. 

“We meet there for coffee or tea with a cookie, and then have a discussion on world problems. But we don’t get upset by what’s going on by worrying about it. Because we talk things over, what solutions may be reached, and then we have a good time just living here.”

There is an evaluation process that residents such as Wild have to pass in order to be considered for residency at the private care facility. Administrator Josh Santiago explains what they look for.

“As they’ve gotten older, they may not be able to help with doing the bathing, the dressing, and the grooming and they need that assistance. So, we want to make sure that we are appropriately taking people that we can help with those things, but are also somewhat independent enough where they can walk independently with a walker or may just need some basic assistance.”

Santiago says Assisted Living facilities allow people to age in place, so they don’t have to go to a nursing home.